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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Anjelica, May 23, 2018.

  1. Anjelica

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    Not related to Bruce Lee that I know of but I think she could hold her own with the UFC straw weights. her jiu Jitsu is excellent. There is room for improvement in her stand up game. She could have trouble with Joanna who has great speed and lateral movement but I think she could give Rose a helluva fight and definitely could defeat a lot of UFC straw weights like Waterson or Hill.
  2. Anjelica

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    What do you think? I think she has could be UFC Straw weight champ someday. Do you agree?
  3. Pretty In Pink

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    She's an awesome fighter. Unfortunately if she were to fight in the UFC shed would need to change weight class and she doesn't look huge as it is.
  4. Dead_pool

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    This is one of my favourite A Lee fights, and female fights in general.

    However the rematch had a quite controversial result.

    Unfortunately generally one FC has her mostly fighting tin Cans.
  5. Jaydub

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    I've been watching her with great interest for years. Her parents were my first Martial Arts instructors and I remember when she was just a baby crawling around on the dojo mats.

    He successfully defended her title for the third consecutive time just last week, and that's coming back from a serious car accident that kept her out of commission for a few months.

    ONE FC had proposed a Superfight between her and Joanna Jedrzejczyk a while ago, but the UFC did not go for it. Angela Lee ‘confident’ she’d compete with UFC fighters, open to superfight with Joanna Jedrzejczyk

    As of right now, she's happy in ONE FC and has no interest in the UFC. I hope that she changes her mind in the future. No UFC for me, says MMA star Angela Lee

    This article was written a few years ago, but I believe that all the points still apply. 5 Reasons Why Angela Lee Will Be Better Than Ronda Rousey - Evolve Daily

    She's accomplished so much and she's still so young. At 21 years old, she's a BJJ Black Belt and holds a Championship in a world class organisation.
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  6. Anjelica

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    At 21 she definitely has potential. Dana White needs to sign her because we haven't seen the best of her yet and shes already very good.

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