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    Greetings friends,

    FYI. A couple of years ago during my very beginning introduction to our wonderful martial art of Aikido, I decided to google the keywords, “Aikido glossary”, and was presented a list on Google of, what I am sure are, several different helpful aikido glossaries.

    One website from this list was the following website,

    The above glossary is produced by a, apparently, “Stefan Stenudd - author, artist, aikido instructor”

    I often times reference this glossary for help in order to translate a certain Aikido or Japanese term into English. Thus, it has been informative for me.

    Please. Never even hearing of Stefan Stenudd until I did my google search, I have absolutely no association nor affiliation with Stefan Stenudd . I am just a satisfied user of his often-times helpful glossary. Being a frequent inquirer for knowledge on this informative Martial Arts Planet website, I therefore just thought that I should somehow try to share something of value in return with my fellow Martial Arts Planet users, albeit, the above information in regard to Stefan, before I now then turn around to ask you all a question below. ;)

    I am looking for something similar to what Stefan has produced in audio form. For instance, I am looking for an online audio dictionary/glossary for Aikido terms. For instance, supposing I know the correct spelling for an Aikido term, I guess that I would like to somehow type that into an online aikido glossary to then be able to hear a voice recite back to me the correct pronunciation for this aikido (Japanese) word.

    If no one knows of such a website, perhaps there is an app out there that will do this for me. (?)

    That is, perhaps, there is some type of technology out there where I would, for instance, type in the spelling for a certain aikido word, and lo and behold, some sort of computer (or human) voice comes back to me as to how to say that particular word.

    Can someone point me to this, if it hopefully exists, online audio dictionary for aikido?

    Thank you very much.

    The best to all,
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    Google speach. Google has a type-to-audio on its desktop format.
  3. Greetings!

    Greetings! Valued Member

    Dear Chadderz,

    Thank you very much for this.

    FYI. Here is something else I have learned during my internet explorations today.

    From my desktop computer, within the google search window, I typed in the two keywords, "google translate".

    Subsequently, returned to me on the first page of google, I was then presented the following link.:*

    Within the acceptance window for the above (I am still within the first page of google), I typed in the names of various Aikido (Japanese) techniques. For each of these Japanese names, I would then select on the audio icon within this acceptance window, nicely resulting in an authentic sounding female Japanese voice speaking the word back to me.

    The best to all,

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