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    Friends, I am not an expert on any silat save my own, and am not as versed in my tradition as I would like, as I've mostly been interested in functionality, but there are members of my family who can do the leg work for me .. hehe.
    Therefore I thought you might find it interesting from a historical perspective to know some of my family lineage ... and then again it might not :D !
    If is, please read on.

    This is the detail as is passed orally through my family.

    It begins with Sentot Prawiradirja who was the elder brother of Eyang Donoyudo (Wedono = face, Yudo = battle ... The Face of Battle ... they had interesting names!)
    I mention Sentot, because he was the inner circle of three of Pangeran Diponegara (check any Indonesian history book) and Kiai Mojo, and some say that he (Sentot) was a traitor because he eventually worked for the Dutch.
    Eyang Donoyudo (is my great grandfather from 6 generations back) was an officer underneath the command of his brother Sentot in Raden Diponegara's army. (Pangeran Diponegara was a pahlawan, a prince from the Yogyakarta Sultanate, a hero fighting the oppression of the Dutch colonialists).
    Eyang Donoyoudo had a son, Eyang Yudo Manggolo ( which also roughly translates as the "face of the fight") and he was also a military man. Eyang Yudo Manggolo had a daughter who married a noble from the Kraton in Surakarta (modern day Solo) whose name was Eyang Marto and they had a daughter, my Eyang Puteri (my fathers mother).
    The interesting thing thing about this line is that when you follow Eyang Marto's line back it goes like this : his dad was Eyang Singo (Solo Kraton) to Eyang Mito ... who was a contemporary (fought alongside) my Eyang Donoyudo.

    When Pangeran Diponegara was tricked into a false treaty and susequently exiled by the Dutch colonialists, Eyang Donoyudo and Eyang Mito (both officers in Pangeran Diponegara's army) were disbanded and had to hide there identities so as not to be caught and executed.
    They retreated into the jungle with their families and retainers and Eyang Mito started Sekaralas which is my traditional home.
    That is as far as Ii know a somewhat sketchy family history if you're interested.

    There are many family traditions in Java. As you can see from my selection, there is strong emphasis from Kraton Yogya and Surakarta when and if it was there, because in Central and East Java they are the hub of tradition. The tradition of kejawen is centered around these two kingdoms ... after the fall of Majapahit ... but Kiai Carita can expand on that ... or else I will have to bug my father again .. hehe.

    my name is Krisno Pryosusilo.
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    welcome to the silat forum, Ive seen a few posts about, and look forward to reading more from you in the upcoming discussions.
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    When Pangeran Diponegara was tricked into a false treaty and susequently exiled by the Dutch

    salaams abang ,
    thanks for the post - and youre right they are exceptionally cool names.
    Any idea where Pangeran Diponegara was exiled to ?
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    Sentot was ...

    God Bless you all reading this post,

    Allow me a little cultural promotion with a post concerning the silat history of Mas Krisno Sekaralas's posting of his family.

    Mas, your ancestors were no traitors in Jawa eyes. Sentot helped the Dutch as a strategy to fight them better by getting guns.

    After Kiai Maja was captured and Dipanegara tricked Sentot surrendered to the Dutch, won their confidence and was given an army and sent to Padang to fight the ulama on the Dutch's behalf. In Padang land at that time the Paderi war was raging. Sentot took his army and joined the ulama against the Dutch. He was eventually captured and exciled to Bengkulu, where he had a family. In the early 20 Century one of his grandsons emerged once more on the surface of Indonesia by the name of Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana who helped define the modern Bahasa Indonesia.

    Sentot was son of the Adipati of Madiun, Rangga Prawiradirja. Madiun came to being when Panembahan Senapati was expanding Mataram by military force in the 17 century. Senapati was very feared, smashed his son-in-law's head on the stone in front of his thrown and made a big mess of his brains. The young lady warrior of daughter of Kiai Mageti from Magetan (if not mistaken her name was) Retna Dumilah stopped Mataram's forces by a spring.

    She attacked Senapati and they proceeded to duel, perang tanding using a type of sword called pedang sabet -slashing sword, of unspesified dhapur (shape) but most likely with damascene pamor. They fought for very long untill both were several times past exhaustion and Senapati fell in love or got an idea, he proposed. Mataram's superior forces did not sack the area which was renamed Madiun from Medi (spring) and Ayun (swing) meaning the spring where swords were swung.

    A very famous master Mpu called Mpu Umyang who also went as Mpu Galeng resided near Madiun. His keris are sought after and very powerful and his trademark was a puthut- young monk, on the part of the keris called the gandhik...In the eyes of wong Jawa you have noble ancestors, Mas. Madiun was crushed at the end of the Dipanegara war and your ancestors survived by the grace of God.

    To answer Sulaiman's question Dipanegara was exciled to Makasar and died there. The defeat of Dipanegara began with the defeat of Kiai Maja who was a silat master Ulama. His silat still survives in the Tondano area of Sulawesi, as so does the new ethnic group that was born from the Jawa soldiers and the Tondano women.

    Mas Krisno, I hope I have not made mistakes in my effort to inform you about the history of your family. I just thought that I should explain a longer version story of Sentot and Dipanegara.

    One other thing, all the names of the Jawa people here except Retna Dumilah are not real names but rather title names. At that time Jawa people changed their names when they got very ill, when they grew up and married, and when they changed jobs. For those who are not concerned it is taboo to ask and even know the names they were given after they were five days old. Especialy as you call your ancestors Eyang, meaning they were of nobilty.

    As for silat many silats were in play in the Jawa War 1825-1830 and you should know a few through your DNA memory accessable through fasting, meditation, and 'Gerak Nurani' or 'Gerak Naluri' ... Just purify yourself and God will teach you through the wind -angin yang bakisah, the Silek Tuo of the Minangkabau people says.

    Salam silat everyone,

    Kiai Carita
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    Matur nuwun Dik Kiai,
    Thank you Pak Dalang, for the detail you provide. I did not know the connection with Madiun, as Eyang Putri always seemed to have her vision to the west, to the Mangkunegaran in Solo. Most of her stories that I heard emanated from that region and connection.
    KC, for me this is hard work as my nature is known to be less like Kresna (the wise one) and more like Baladewa (rash and quick to action) :bang: hehe :eek: . But I am getting better with age :rolleyes:

    Thanyou SilatPupil for the warm welcome. The ability for communication across cultures is the wonder of this Internet age to be sure!

    Mas Sulaiman, (as Kiai Carita has correctly informed) Pangeran Diponegoro was exiled to Sulawesi.

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    Welcome again Sekaralas.
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    Diponegoro or Dipanegara?

    Assalamu'alaikum and peace to all,

    Dear Pak Kiai and Pak Sekaralas,

    There are a few silat styles/schools (that i know of) in Malaysia that claims their silat came from Diponegoro's (Dipanegara?) warriors that ran to Tanah Melayu/Semenanjung.

    Silat Rincong Rentak 9 was once known as Moropulai Sogo (translation please?). 9 here denotes the 9 bodyparts that they used in combat.

    Another silat style is Pencak Silat Harimau Berantai. This silat's current headmaster is Mak Guru Ramintan Samingon (Sameon? not sure of the spelling). They use assorted weapons such as Rafil (Kerambit), Sauh (Tekpi), Belati, Ekor Pari etc.

    Maybe they are your relatives Pak Sekaralas?

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    Salam Mas Amirul,
    Pangeran Diponegara maintained quite a large force as far as I know, and when I think about it, many would have experienced the same problem and having to hide. I'm not aware of any relatives of mine in Tanah Melayu. I think that Eyang Sentot might have had a family in Sumatera after the Padang expedition ... but again I'm not sure.
    The good Kiai knows far more than I mengenai soal-soal sejarah dan adat tiang Jawi. Maybe he might know. Kiai?

    I'm not aware of the two silat styles you mention, I'm afraid my exposure is very limited and I'm not the authority on silat styles in general.

    I'm probably way off track here, but a Rencong is the fighting knife of orang Aceh. Mungkin juga Rencong itu senjata tradisionil dari Sumatera Utara ... I'm not sure, but it is definitely from Aceh. Merentak artinya merenggut. But then, I don't think Pangeran Diponegara's influence reached Sumatera? Then again the Acehnese are very strong Muslimin, so there could have been a connection because of that ... I'm just guessing.

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    Javanese influence

    Assalamu'alaikum and peace to all,

    You are correct Pak Sekaralas, Rencong is an Achehnese weapon. That's why i'm also perplexed by the name Silat Rincong/Rencong Rentak 9. I wish one day i can meet the guru of this silat to know more, inshaAllah.

    About Javanese-Achehnese silat influence, there's a silat style in Malaysia, Silat Kegayungan Acheh Helang Putih, that are proud of this cultural integration. If i'm not mistaken, they trace their style origins back to a certain Javanese hermit (orang yang bertapa/dalam pertapaan). They say that the hermit came into contact with a were-eagle during his seclusion in a cave somewhere in Aceh. He found out that the eagle is really an Achenese prince/warrior (my memory is starting to fail me :cry: ) that was cursed. The prince/warrior then taught him all his knowledge (silat & kebatinan) to the hermit, and the story continue (or end?) with the formation of Silat Kegayungan Acheh Helang Putih. The current holder of the system is Pak Guru Raja Aziz Laksamana Hoja Andak.

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    Add something
    Pangeran (Prince) Diponegoro, with his family and some of his retinue were exiled to Ambon. If you gone there, you will find that there are a place called Kampung (Village) Diponegoro. His grave is beautifully situated so you can see Ambon Bay from there.
    As for martial arts influence, the Javanese exiles did teach silat to the indigineous people. Most of it are retained although the knife fighting side is dropped and the original moves were combined with Arabic wrestling and sword-play (Ambonese prefer longer blade).
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    Assalaamu'alaikum Pendekars,

    Please alow me to correct a little history here. Diponegoro was not exiled to Ambon, rather he was firstly sent to Manado and then Ujungpandang, Sulawesi, where he died of heartbreak. His request to be buried in Jawa was rejected. In the area of the Tondano, also in Sulawesi, the followers of a pro-Diponegoro ulama and general, Kiai Maja, became a sepparate ethnic group called Jato (Jawa-Tondano) and they have silat Kiai Maja there.

    Wassalaamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh...

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    Assalamualaikum Wr, Wb

    Well, im very surprised to look the name of "Sentot Alibasyah Prawiradirdja" appear on this site. Im doing a research of my lineage, and eyang Sentot had been my focus since im his descendant

    My Great-Grandfather ( grandmother's dad) is KRTH Rangga Prawiradirdja VI, (KRTH is the royal title..similar to "Your Highness" or "the Duke" or "The Marquis..etc)
    Whilst Eyang Sentot Prawiradirdja' das is KRTH Rangga Prawiradirdja III.

    more information of his herois, and its relation to silat...
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    Salam Mas Krisno and Mas Bram,
    Matur suwun for the info. I felt like in sekolah dasar during civic class :)
    Thanks again,
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    Rahayu Mas Tristan, thank-you but I'm much like you when it comes to history!
    Bram on the other hand knows our family history and the history of Jawa very well. It is in his blood you might say :) .

    Walaikum Salam Garden Of Madiun. We must be very distant cousins then! Because Sentot Alibasyah Prawiradirdja would be my Great-great-great-great-great uncle as he was my Eyang Donoyudo's older brother. It would be strange indeed to facilitate a family re-union through this forum! The wonder of technology!
    I understand that Eyang Donoyudo is our udheg-udheg.
    He is buried near the Bengawan Solo as it passes near Gendingan, between Sragen and Ngawi.
    My Eyang Kakung and Eyang Putri lived in Madiun once and I think my father was born there. I remember that we also have family there. You could PM Kiai Carita and share details?


    P.S. Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung Hadipati is the full title I believe.
    Also, do you know Bpk Tris Mukadi? He is my father's younger cousin. I think he was a 2 star general Angkatan Laut, now retired and living in Kebayoran Baru ... but was from Madiun branch of the family.
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    Garden Of Madiun, I have PM'ed you. Thanks.

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    yes..,Sekarlaras and kembang alas are indeed my distant cousins!
    My lineage is from Eyang Rangga VIII or Eyang Koesnodiningrat...the last "king" of Madiun.

    Dear Sekarlaras and Kembang Alas, can you decipher what "Garden of Madiun" means ? it is a code that im trying to get across to you...

    We must meet up, talk on a phone or something like that. kindly email me at

    matur sembah nuwun

    thank you =)
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