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  1. Spookey

    Spookey Valued Member

    Dear All, I am trying to compile a list of Americans who have attained the rank of 9th Dan in Taekwondo.

    Moderators, I made an attempt at this on another forum and it seems to have gone a bit astray. If there is any issue with this cross post please advise.

    My fellow forum posters if you will help keep this post clean by simply amending via copy/paste it would be most appreciated.

    Just below I will add a few to get us started. The idea is to list the American 9th Dan and who promoted them. My intent is to include any American Taekwondo Grandmaster holding the rank of 9th Dan, inclusive to all systems (Chang-Heon, Kukki, Songham, Ho-Am, etc).
  2. Spookey

    Spookey Valued Member

    American Grandmasters List

    Edward Sell - GM Uhm, Won Kyu
    Charles Seriff - GM Choi, Hong Hi
    Robert Hardin - GGM Nam & GM Kong, Young Il
    Scott McNeely - GGM Nam & GM Kong, Young Il
  3. miles

    miles Valued Member

    Ronald W. Rose (MI) and Brenda Sell (FL) are both 9th dan through the Chung Do Kwan.
  4. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    USTF - GMs M. Winegar, R. Sereff, P. De Baca, ITF Under CJH- John Tompkins, Eugene Humesky dec'd.

    In the not to distant future I would expect ITF V To promote some of the USA Senior 8ths to 9th.
  5. miles

    miles Valued Member

    I remember GM John Tompkins' first Dan test. He was an awesome senior. I was just a guep rank but I always looked up to him.
  6. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    Are you from Mo.?

    Do you recall the year of the test?
  7. miles

    miles Valued Member

    No, I am from Traverse City, MI. The test took place at Northwestern Michigan College in either 1976 or 1977. We were under GM BC Yu who was a regional director for the ITF at the time.
  8. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    I know who GM B. C Yu is. Seems GM Tompkins and I tested for 1st Dan around the same time.
  9. Ruark

    Ruark New Member

    Good grief, don't forget Jhoon Rhee, Allen Steen, Keith Yates, Skipper Mullins, Roy Kurban, Larry Ritchie, Jim Harrison, Charles Bouton, James Toney, et. al. These guys are towering giants in the history of TKD.
  10. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    Jhoon Rhee, Giant - yes. American GM - No.

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