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    American Chi-Do-Kwan Assoication
    In 1965 the Tae-oo-Do Association accepted the suggestion of many of the Chi-Do--Kwan and Moo-Duk_kwan groups to change the Associations name so that it would be easier for them to join. This suggestion was adopted and the organization was rechrestened the Tae-Kwan-Do Association. The Taw-Kwan_do Assocaition of Korea was over 1.200.000 registered members and this fact would make them by far the largest karate organization in the world.

    History of American Chi-Do-Kwan Associatin
    This association was founded in 1964 by Mr. Ernest H. Lieb in Muskegon, Michan. It all started with a dream Mr. Lieb had about uniting American Karate under one banner, The American Flag. At the time of his return from Korea, he found that there had been no unification of Karate in this country. After opening the first Karate School in Muskegon, Mr. Lieb and his students traveled all over the country competing in every tournament they were able to attend. Over a period of years, Mr. Lieb had won over 42 trophies, with his students adding over 300 more tropies.
    A year later, in 1965, Mr. Lieb founded the American Karate Association which was up of instructors of all tpes of styles. He unifed them to improve the standards of Karate in this country. Since then, the Association has grown to over 40 Karate schools. Several years ago, Mr Tadashi Yamashita, 7th Dan, joined the Association, lending to it the strength and philosophy of the orient.
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    I was surprised to find this on here. this is the style I am currently studying. I guess all answers can be found here on map:hat:
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    We have such a diverse and great group of people here I don't think theres anything we can't solve or don't know the answer to!

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