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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kframe, Nov 17, 2016.

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    So. I have been working out for about 8 months now.

    Strictly barbell work. Started with Riptoes 5x5. As of this writing, I have come to the realization that I am very close to exceeding my best strength performance ever when I was a senior in high school, 17 years ago!

    So far the only metric/goal I have yet to meet are my weight goals. Started at 372 and at last weight a few months ago I was 365lbs.. This was a bummer. Not sure why I am not loosing weight, as most people are commenting I look thinner.. Given that when I look in the mirror I cant see it, but it may be a perspective problem. Having said that, I have no weighed in a long time, so maybe I should do a daylong fast and weigh in.

    But other then that, I have nearly exceed my younger self in strength. I think the only thing I have not exceeded myself on is the Squats, but that will soon change.

    As of 8 months ago, my numbers started as follows.

    My Shoulder press started at 45lbs 5x5

    My bench press started at 100lbs 5x5

    My squat started at 100lbs 5x5

    My Deadlifts 100lbs 1x5

    My bent over rows I started at 60lbs. 5x5

    So as of today my numbers are as follows.

    Shoulder press. 165lbs 5x5. This was a war, absolute struggle but I got there. It takes me two weeks just to move up 5 lbs. Even then it is a struggle, but dang it I am getting. My goal for the next year is to get 200lbs 5x5 on shoulders. I remember my senior year best was 155lbs, so this is a improvement for me.

    Bench press. 215lbs 5x5. This is a personal best for me. Soon on the horizon is 225lbs 5x5 which will be the best ever for me.

    Squats. This I am equal to my younger self, I think. 275lbs 5x5. This too, was a war, but I love the looks of all those plates on the bar straddling my shoulders!

    Bent over rows. I don't know how I compare to back then, as I don't ever remember my coach making me do these. So right now I am doing 195lbs 5x5, which I think is a good improvement over were I started.

    My deadlifts are also a mystery to me, as I don't remember ever being told to do them by the coach's. So my numbers are 275lbs 1x5.

    So, while my numbers are nothing but mediocre compared to others, it is awesome for someone my age, and my weight. I feel better. I love that I am close to besting my younger self.. I estimate 3months and I will have exceeded my younger self in all areas but weight.

    Speaking of weight, I plan on adding two days of cardio to the mix. Since I am on a 3 day a week lifting schedule, I think I can afford to add 2 days of cardio. I still need to keep 2 days off for recovery, but I think once I add the cardio the fat may start to come off a bit faster.

    So what do you guys think? Any suggestions?
  2. liero

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    That is fantastic. Demonstrates the simple but substantial improvements that come from consistency!

    Keep it up.

    No harm in adding in some cardio work after 8 months as long as you are eating, sleeping, recovering properly. If the load is too much on the cardio it may impact your strength gains, though in the right proportion may make you stronger.

    Another thing to remember as you loose weight is that you are gaining relative strength even if you don't boost your numbers as substantially.
  3. Kframe

    Kframe Valued Member

    Well, I think I am at the end of my Newb Gains. So from here on out, everything will likely be a war. I am up for it though.

    Talk about gaining relative strength, I know it is made harder by the fact I am on a deficit. I assume that had I been on a surplus I would likely make faster gains. Though gaining weight is out of the question. I know that shoulder press will likely be my hardest muscle group to get up to speed.

    I am hoping the cardio doesn't impact it to negatively. I tried to do cardio with my weight lifting when I first started but, it was just to painful, and I lacked energy. Now though I am recovering faster, so it maybe ok to add in a few days.

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