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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by JBlack, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. JBlack

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    Hi People...

    Just stopping in to say "Mornin all", just joined the forum today during my search for some places to train "local" to where I'll be living when I'm back in the UK (Manchester, but willing to travel for the right place)

    I'm wanting to start training in Escrima/Kali, and Silat, based on what I've seen during a recent trip to the Phillipines and Indonesia, although I've not done any training for the past few years due to work commitments, I've had 4 years of Muay Thai (including 6 months of every-day training in Thailand) and some standard military CQ H2H stuff..

    For preference I'd rather study those 2 areas in a reasonably pure form if possible, rather than training somewhere that offers both as a blend, which I've noticed that most of the gyms that are easy to get to do (Typical!!)

    So, I look forward to pestering you all with questions, and if anyone knows any reputable places for me to train that are drivable from Manchester, please shout up!!!

  2. Simon

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    Welcome to MAP.
  3. minamo9

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    Welcome! enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask away, people here are very helpful :)
  4. JBlack

    JBlack New Member

    Thanks guys, I've found a place on the t'internet that does Harimau Silat that's "drivable" from where I'll be living, (still a distance, but worth it if its decent), but still struggling to find somewhere that teaches something other than a bit of escrima with loads of other stuff thrown in...

    If anyone does/has done any Harimau Silat, I'd be interested in some opinions.


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