All Lineages of Wing Chun

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  1. Hi, guys. I was just wondering, how many lineages of Wing Chun (or similar names for it (like Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun or Ving Chun, for example)) are there and what are the names of all of them? I would like to educate myself further on this martial art. Thanks in advance.
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    What do you mean by Lineage - many of the names you cite are variations of the forms taught by ip man. but there are also versions of wing chung that teach forms that are not on the ip man sylabus.
  3. I’ll be happy to explain. All the styles are technically the same, but just different interpretations by various instructors. Like Leung Ting’s Wing Tsun, Ip Man’s Wing Chun and Thommy Boehlig’s Wing Tsjun (my first video on this art), for example.
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    Yip man's wing chun is not the only lineage, mainland wing chun is different as it Vietnamese wing chun, yip man is said to have changed what he taught in Hong Kong from what he learned in mainland China
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