Alex Reid vs Tom Watson predictions

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Who will win?

  1. Alex Reid

  2. Tom Watson

  1. Moi

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    Can't give you a whole cow for one round. How about a baby pig?
  2. evojm72

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    Watched the fight this morning but Sky+ cut out after the 4th round so thanks to Van Zandtfor poting the final round.

    I was pleasantly surprised especially at the crowd, you can definitely tell Reid public profile brought in extra interest. Thought the fight was ok and you have to give respect the intensity they both showed and considering Reid hasn't fought in an age he certainly showed guts, determinataion and fitness to go 5 rounds.

    I wasn't as impressed with the quality on show though. True there were a few good exchanges but there was a couple of points where Reid had good positions to choke out Watson, I'm thinking in particular about a guilletine attempt in the 4th(?) which he just seemed to let go of and you have to wonder what would happen to either of them against even a mid level UFC middleweight. Maybe I've been spoiled watching those guys and expect too much from domestic level fights.

    All in all though it was refreshing to see a good old tear-up on TV. Hopefully they'll get better quality fights on now (although did I hear them mention Bob Sapp being on the next show????:bang:).

    ps Also nice to hear Buncey talking up MMA. About time someone with a voice in Boxing came out and recognised the sport with a bit of respect :cool:
  3. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    Yah Bob "The Beast" Sapp is going to on BAMMA 5 in December. Should be funny.

    I think this fight was good for MMA in the UK. Alex Reid attracts alot of new people to MMA then they see a mainly stand up fight where two guys tear it up. The general public know nothing about MMA techniques so a fight like this is going to attract more fans than a grappling clinic.

    I have to admit I was wrong about Reid, after his entrance and new celeb status I expected him to have no real motivation and for him to get his ass kicked. However he showed a warriors spirit and though he was against a better fighter he didn't even consider giving up. He did the U.K. MMA scene a favour.
  4. Saz

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    I think this is the whole thing

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tom Watson vs Alex Reid - BAMMA 4 - PT 1/3[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tom Watson vs Alex Reid - BAMMA 4 - PT 2/3[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tom Watson vs Alex Reid - BAMMA 4 - PT 3/3[/ame]
  5. Moi

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    Cow in the post thanx
  6. Van Zandt

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  7. chazkelly1985

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    hi guys first time post but not new to mma

    i have to admit i was under the impresion reid would get his ass kicked

    and to be honest i was hoping he would

    i didnt like reid - too much of a celeb to be a fighter

    plus he comes across on shows as a bit off an Ahole

    however after this fight i have a new respect for the guy, from the first bell he chased watson round the ring and even when he was pretty well beaten up by the start of the 5th it could still go any way and a lesser fighter would not come out for the bell

    all in all a really good fight, i can normaly only watch ufc and m1 challenge as there isnt much shown on tv except this (used to have cage rage on uts tv but dont get in now) and if bannor keep this kind of entertainment up then i'll def be watching

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