Al-Azhar Pencak Silat in DC?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Herk, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Herk

    Herk New Member


    Has anyone here heard of Al-Azhar Pencak Silat in Washington DC?
    They also have classes in Sterling, VA.

    If anyone knows about this school, please let me know and provide any opinions about them.

  2. Nasiha

    Nasiha New Member

    Al-Azhar Pencak Silat-DC/VA

    I am currently a student of Al-Azhar school and I must say that I love it. I like the fact that the school is non-profit and somewhat informal. The style is touted as a Muslim martial arts, but there is no particular emphasis on religion in the training--everyone is welcome.

    Let me know what specifics you would like about the school, style of training, etc and I will try to be more specific. Contact information for the school can be found at
  3. MiyamotoMusashi

    MiyamotoMusashi Valued Member

    How much are the classes? I live in the DC area and would be interested in attending.
  4. MiyamotoMusashi

    MiyamotoMusashi Valued Member

    Also, can woman take classes? my room mate was wondering.
  5. Nasiha

    Nasiha New Member

    Al-Azhar DC

    The classes are very inexpensive--go to the website and contact one of the instructors for more specific information. As a woman, your friend will be more than welcome to participate in the DC classes, which are mixed.
  6. Herk

    Herk New Member

    Thanks Nasiha for the update!

    My question would be, how traditional is it, or is it more modern with some karate styles etc thrown in? I'm going to have to come by and check a class out.

    Thanks again.

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