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    HI all

    this may sound stupid but what is the differences between all the style of kenpo??
    I have been told to have a try at kenpo I have looked around my area (Portsmouth UK) are there is kenpo karate, jujitsu , Chinese kenpo

    thanks Pete
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    The word Kenpo / Kempo roughly translates as "the way of the fist". There is really no such thing as pure kempo, what there are is multiple styles that hybridise kempo concepts with a background art.

    Chinese Kenpo is most likely based upon some form of kung fu.

    Kenpo Karate is a US originated modernisation of karate.

    Kempo Jiu Jitsu is the introduction of hybridising kempo concepts into Jiu Jitsu roots (in reality mostly modern Jiu Jitsu roots built upon something like Shorinji Kan / non-competition Judo origins).

    Shorinji Kempo has its own cultural background that I've never quite got the hang of myself.

    But whichever, the reality is that every club is as good as its instructors and club culture. Try out what's there, and see if anything suits you. That said, your signature says that you are a 3rd dan Shotokan, in which case it depends upon what you want. If you want to learn about the grappling and throwing concepts that don't really exist in Shotokan, then you want to look to a Jiu Jitsu style. If you want to look at adaptations of what you know already, then I'd look towards the karate styles, particularly if you can find somebody teaching the sub-level 4 kenpo principles. The best SL4 / Kenpo Karate chap I've ever come across is a fellow called Kevin Mills in Exeter and it might be worth keeping an eye out to see if he either has senior students in your neck of the woods, or ever gives seminars your way. His BKKU (British Kenpo Karate Union) has a summer camp coming up shortly West of London, which I'd strongly recommend (and I'm not one of his students, just somebody who thinks that he has a lot to teach me).

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