Aikijutsu vs Jujutsu (effective wrist locks and throws)

Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by MrReal, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Myself, Hannibal, Chadderz, Bigreddog and I believe Mushroom have all trained with Erik to a greater or lesser extent (I've done a couple of camps, some seminars and a couple of classes at CSW Fullerton).
    Short answer, yes.
    There are no typical classes, some will be all ground, some will be all standing, some will be a mix.
    You can get a good idea of what Erik's about from his producer's excellent Youtube channel
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    Thanks guys. It's not actually with Erik himself but rather with a certified instructor. I'm planning to move up to Thai Boxing after 6ish more months of boxing ie after learning how to punch properly and the school offers everything for just £50 a month - bjj/thai boxing/CSW even Kali and normal kickboxing! They were actually certified by Master Toddy to teach their Thai boxing - I believe he's supposed to be an authority in the thai boxing world?
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    some people rate Toddy and Sken etc some don't. I dont think it can be argued that they were responsible for bringing thai boxing to the UK. a lot of people question their credentials though stating they are essentially TKD exponants reverse engineering MT into what they teach.

    Toddy has produced champions though and I have trained with his younger brother who I though was a good coach.

    at the end of the day even if its not authentic MT then it is still good fullcontact kickboxing training and the best fighters don't always make good coaches :)
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    Basically you'll be training with me. See you soon ;D
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    lol. true! It's with this guy in video - this is a really good video (I'll need to watch it a few times to take it all in):

    [ame=""]Close Quarter Hitting - YouTube[/ame]
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    Haha, yes I know. Rick is considered to be one of the best martial artists in the country. First time I read his resume I didn't believe it. Thought it was a fake McDojo :p
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    There is a difference between optimal and necessary.

    Going to the ground is not optimal.
    Having to deal with a non compliant subject is not optimal.
    However once you are dealing with a non compliant subject in during an arrest then limiting their mobility becomes optimal which in turn means that the ability to dominate and control on the ground (where their mobility and ability to strike effectively becomes more limited) generally becomes necessary. In the context of LEO work this also includes weapon retention.

    Conflict management, physical intervention, holding/controlling, cuffing, weapons use, weapon retention, self defence are different things. They have overlaps but what those are and how they are employed are highly dependent on context.

    Throwing is a great tactic. It is hard to throw (in terms of hip throw) an actively resisting and striking person. It is hard(er) to throw a person while wearing any form of tactical gear. Due to the damage a throw to the ground can cause (as opposed to a tackle or trip) it can be hard to justify in some arrest situations.

    Choking is a sub optimal tactic in security or law enforcement because of the number of things that can go wrong and its position on a force continuum.

    In any arrest situation any injury caused to the person during arrest may well be recorded and will have to be justified. Different forces in different countries will have different procedures, but they will always have to justify their actions and this will determine what are viewed as optimal procedures and tactics for different situations.

    BJJ will provide a great platform for dealing safely with those resisting arrest on the ground. The '95% of all fights go to the ground' claim that still does the rounds originated from an LAPD report into arrests. In situations where Officers had to wrestle an uncooperative subject, 95% of those struggles went to the ground.

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