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Discussion in 'Aikido' started by aikiwolfie, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. selonimes

    selonimes Valued Member

    Headed to watch some classes from Florida Aikikai tomorrow. I will let you know my impressions.
  2. dentoiwamaryu

    dentoiwamaryu Valued Member

    Seriously consider visiting this Sensei

    [ame=""]Aikido of South Florida: Stephanie Yap Sensei instructing Shomen Uchi Nikyo - YouTube[/ame]
  3. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    Seconded. That is technically beautiful. I mean, the technique is beautifully done. Wow.
  4. selonimes

    selonimes Valued Member

    Thank you for posting that I am going to contact them and ask to visit.
  5. selonimes

    selonimes Valued Member

    Went to watch two classes this morning at Florida Aikikai and it was very interesting to watch. The advanced class I was able to see much of the movement. In fact today the idea was to have vision and not work on technique as much but to view the next person as they come to you with an attack.

    The beginning class though I thought helped to fuse it together. Starting with a warm up routine that included learning different rolls. It was good to see how both classes still needed work on basics, which I think is probably the basis for many arts like this. The basics are going to ground your foundation and you will always need to go back to them. After going back to them you will probably learn them deeper and rediscover what they truly mean.

    I plan to attend the South Florida Aikido school Monday so I can compared the teaching styles.

    Oh it should be mentioned that the classes today were taught by higher level students, which I know is an honor for them.
  6. selonimes

    selonimes Valued Member

    I went to South Florida Aikido and was totally blown away by how the class was taught. One thing they kept stressing to me was that the classes are presented more like a traditional Japanese Dojo, complete with a Uchideshi. A 4th dan was teaching the material today and after when I asked if that is how Sensei Yap taught. They laughed and said if they did it any other way and she saw a student doing something different, she would ask who taught you that and the Uchideshi would be in serious trouble, so the short answer was YES! I thought that was good. The dojo seemed to be high class and all the students were there to work hard and enjoy the journey.
  7. dentoiwamaryu

    dentoiwamaryu Valued Member

    Yes she has been an Uchi deshi many times in Iwama, she is very strict when it comes to retaining the Traditional Iwama way of training, your a VERY lucky person if you can train with her
  8. matveimediaarts

    matveimediaarts Underappreciated genius

    Excuse me if this has been answered already (please refer me to the post #), but I'd like a good video on how to put on and tie up the hakama. My sensei just showed me yesterday quickly, but I want to master it for next week to save time. Thanks! :)
  9. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    YouTube ---> "how to tie a hakama aikido"
  10. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    Get your teacher to show you again. There isn't a single correct method as far as I know. Here are a few examples.

    [ame=""]How to tie a hakama on - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]ç€ä»˜å人ã®ç¾½ç¹”袴ã®ç€è£… - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]How to put on hakama (iaido) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]How to put on a hakama. - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    What is real 'Aikido'?

    Does anyone know? I came across these and was wondering if it was different to traditional Aikido?

    [ame=""]BEST REAL AIKIDO MASTERS OF THE WORLD !!! - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]REAL AIKIDO (SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN) Sanja Vracarević, black belt 5.DAN - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Theidiot

    Theidiot New Member

    In aikido, we practice forward, backward and sideways breakfall. Why don't they seem to teach anything that could catch the attacker off guard when they've thrown you? For example, the very instant you hit the deck backwards, the legs are available for kicks or belly throw. From a side fall, the legs are avaliable for a windmill kick or at least a leg sweep.

    Given that aikido teaches the taking of balance, and throws, and angular momentum (the power of circles ), how come they don't teach how to deal with a high speed sideways rolling fall thingy?

    (Maybe they do. Maybe I've just not seen it yet)
  13. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    I don't know, I've never practiced Aikido before, although it is definitely interesting to me.

    I like the fact that you use (and please correct me if I'm wrong, I have a superficial knowledge of this art) your agressor's own momentum and energy against them to defuse violence, with seemingly so much grace and fluidity of movement. Aikido black belts seem to make it look so easy lol, but I can only imagine what is needed for that level of skill. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like a very defensive art.

    I'm finding myself more drawn to Aikido's style or vibe or whatever you want to call it. The 'gentle way' appeals to my nature but I won't let that name I've heard used to describe Aikido fool me, those falls look like they can hurt!

    Also, I'm not really inclined towards striking, doesn't feel natural to me for some reason, except of course, if in a real life self-defense situation where there is no other option like when on the ground for example, then it would be silly to be picky then.

    My question is, this 'real aikido', whatever it is, seems to be more aggressive than the more traditional style? I have no idea, that's why I'm asking as this world is new to me.

    Windmill kick? Is that like the breakdancing move? Some of this is Greek to me lol :p
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  14. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    Real "aikido" is what Ueshiba and his top disciples did.
    "Real Aikido" is something that the dude at 2:35 in your first video made up himself.

    Those with a more martial attitude think about and practice such things. Those with a less martial attitude don't.
  15. SWC Sifu Ben

    SWC Sifu Ben I am the law

    Personally I always look to Gozo Shioda as an example of good aikido. He was one of Ueshiba's preware students meaning he got the more martial side of the training compared to the aiki-hippies who came later. He was also a Judoka when he started training with Ueshiba. The man knew how to throw people. And his randori was pretty alive, something lacking in most aikido schools. Check 2:25 in this video (though the whole thing is worth watching) where his throw fails and he has to transition to something else.

    [ame=""]The Very Best of Gozo Shioda - YouTube[/ame]

    The Yoshinkan dojo also runs the "senshusei course" which takes people from zero knowledge to 1st dan in 11 months. I've heard the horror stories. It's tough. Even in regular training though a lot of the top level Yoshinkan guys are....unforgivingly brutal in training.

    Personally I like the pre-war styles more. Less flowy nonsense, more jujitsu type movement, even when the techniques are the same.
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  16. Rebel Wado

    Rebel Wado Valued Member

    Ideally tori controls uke and allows uke to perform ukemi. So basically, as uke you might roll sideways, but it is only because tori allows you to. Tori could just as easily have you land in a bad way that twists your spine. You should have no opportunity to counter.

    However, if tori's technique is not perfect, the idea is that as you perform ukemi, you are learning where in the technique you can counter. You might choose not to counter, but you should always be aware of potential counters. In a real situations, you should counter instead of rolling. You could roll and counter as a surprise like you theorized but that would be more of a last resort because you lose your feet and most likely you and the opponent will both end up on the ground as a result. Better to counter and retain your feet when possible.
  17. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    The first two techniques he does in the video are absolute crap. Also, the only difference between his randori and the one they do know is that he chases them a bit rather than constantly running away. It's still crap though :/
  18. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Yep when the top guys clips are rubbish and no one can post a decent sparring clip makes you wonder about the art as a whole as a combat form
  19. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    I was going to repost mine, but as was pointed out before I don't do Aikido so not sure if that counts.....
  20. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    It doesn't :woo::evil::evil::evil: unless we all agree the best way to make aikido and it's principles work is to
    1) Not train aikido
    2) Not train how 99% of aikido practitioners train
    3)to live an umm interesting life

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