Advice for the Spinning Back and Spinning Hook Kick

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Slihn, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Slihn

    Slihn New Member

    Hello all;I am in need about some advice on defend and/or countering with spinning back and the high spinning hook kick.I often have to spar against a Thai Boxer would uses those two kicks very frequelty and when he throws them they are at full power.Every time he throws the spinning back kick,I block it iwth my knee but it sends me flying to the other side of the gym;when we throws the spinning hook kick it almost always connects(unless I am close enough to jam it),I dont want to risk weaving back because if I mistake that hook kick for the back kick it will connect to my midsection.Any Advice?
  2. adouglasmhor

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    Yes stop making multiple posts on different forums
  3. Skrom

    Skrom Banned Banned

    don't post the same thread in multiple sections.

    i've never had someone throw spinning hook kicks at me regularly, but with spinning back kicks i usually just take a step back. i suppose if he really does it a lot you could try sidestepping it and moving in, but i don't think i've ever tried that.

    edit - damn, i had a feeling someone would beat me to it :D
  4. Yossarian

    Yossarian Valued Member

    Keep sparring the guy, after a while you'll see the spinning kicks coming a mile off. I like to catch them at the end of the spin(or the start), if you time it right you can step back/to the side(avoiding the kick) and catch them with one of your own as they bring thier kicking leg back down. just keep at it spinning kicks are usually a lot easyer to deal with than non spinning. I didnt think Thai Boxers used spinning kicks much.
  5. karate princess

    karate princess Savvy??

    erm...get out of the way! :D no im being serious
  6. MartialArtN00b

    MartialArtN00b New Member

    My advice is to keep your range.
  7. Dragon Brush

    Dragon Brush Valued Member

    My advice would be to find an original avatar before Iken or Ragnarok finds you :eek:

    Now, as for the kicks, keep your stomach AND face gaurded... and get out of the way. You can block a spinning back kick with your knee, but you're obviously being put off balance by it, since you're taking all that force while standing on one leg.

    I used to spar with a guy who had incredible balance. He would stand on one leg and use his knee to block any low kicks or strikes... his kicks were predictable beacause of it though, but his defense was like a nutshell (as far as WTF sparring regulations go....*cough*).
  8. greer

    greer New Member

    keep moving around do not stay in the same place he wil find it harder to do the kick and if you see it coming move out of the way or try pull off your own move first
  9. Slihn

    Slihn New Member

    Victory at Last

    Thanks for all the response guys.(Please excuse the muliti-posting ,Im sorta new to the whole forum thing) When I sparr against this guy now,I circle to his inside(but I stay in kicking range to advoid the cross),and fire of combinations(mostly leading with the lead leg and occasionaly the jab).This strategy works much better for fighting him and it keeps me away from the danger of spinning attacks.The weakness of circling to the inner side is,that if your not carful in staying in kicking range(until you launch your attack) then you can find your self in a flurry of punches,so being extremly aggressive(but not reckless) and side steping is a must in this strategy.Thanks for all of your post!

    -Good Training
  10. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    my favorite is to kick them in the ass when they turn around
    simple & effective...
    I also like to move into the spin and catch w an overhook or underhook.. then sweep
    be careful of the heel wrapping around when you move in on a high heel hook
    other than that... you'll find these kicks among the easiest to avoid, block and counter once you learn the timing..
    when you are first sparring they can be "surprising".. that ends soon though
  11. TheAngle

    TheAngle Valued Member

    Offensively, point the non kicking heel to the target. Defensively spin more angle out first, cause you need to kick at the angle and not straight in.
  12. Slihn

    Slihn New Member

    ....I'll have to try that one also,they way you describe it,it reminds me of an old Jujitsu stragety(where the uki would follow up with a rear naked choke).
  13. chof

    chof Valued Member

    well, if its a hook kick its coming from the side and since he has to spin to throw it you only have to watch 1 thing rght, so watch it block it , with your hands held high and sweep the weight bearing leg
  14. tomass911

    tomass911 Valued Member

    walk into the hook kick, he will just catch you with his hams
  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    holy necromancy batman.

    Either get out of the way (move back out of range). or move in and towards their back (the way they turn).

    This needs a lot of drilling if you do not time it right you will get a foot full.

    moving towards their back in the direction they turn works especially well, but dependent on the rule set you might not have much to do when you get their - it works best if you are able to target the back and/or do takedowns. In most other rulesets you can at least cross into face from that position - at least they are turning into your fist for extra effect.
  16. shadow_ronin

    shadow_ronin Banned Banned

    Tackle him and grapple or take him to the ground.

    Then he can't kick anymore :D
  17. oldshadow

    oldshadow Valued Member

    First is it a spinning back kick or a spinning side kick. There is a difference. A spinning back kick is more difficult to handle as it come up and not around. You can tell the difference by the persons foot when they kick. If the toes on the kicking foot are pointed down it’s a back kick. If the toes are 90 degrees to the floor (just like any other side kick) then it’s a spinning side kick. For a spinning side kick or a spinning heal kick step inside and slightly in the same direction as the spin. You should end up all the way inside not part of the way. Your lead hip should almost be touching their rear end. From this position you can be countering with a lot of different thing such as a straight right over their shoulder or various take downs depending on the rules of the sparing match. One of my favorite things to do if you are not able to use throws and still want a take down is to come in hard and bump them with my hip to knock them off balance and off their feet. A couple of time doing this takes their confidence in their spinning kick away. Which will cause hesitation and create more openings.
    If it is a true spinning back kick closing the distance is not a good idea as most of the time it will get you a cup check that will bring tears to your eyes. Move back and in the direction of the spin to take the power out of the kick.
    Remember to keep your hands up and elbows down.

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