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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by EmptyHandGuy, Apr 20, 2020.

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    A random BJJ bluebelt also trains tai chi under a substandard teacher who's a bit culty, that's not the brag you want it to be.

    Quick question, who would be better, a women training under Adam, or a man training sanda.

    Or flip that, Zhang welli Vs Adam himself:

    You've previously been very dismissive of any woman training, whereas we're very dismissive of what this Adam calls tai chi. (Not all tai chi).
  2. David Harrison

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    An interesting article on how the concept of qi changed over time with the assimilation of Western chemistry into Chinese science:
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  3. David Harrison

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    Even rocks are in a constant battle of forces as the core of the earth tries to drag them into it and the elements erode them.
  4. Grond

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    And without energy a rock can't roll.

    I can't believe this stupid Adam Mizner video got me chatty about Tai Chi again. I guess I'll take it.

    It's just weird to see people mix fake Qi demos with things like push hands to try to win people over. I'm open minded, but not a stooge. And nobody's paying me for my opinion.
  5. windwalker

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    Why not post a demo, that you consider to be not fake ? :)
  6. YouKnowWho

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    IMO, this demo is not fake. Who care if he is using "internal energy" or not?

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  7. Dan Bian

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    A video from a teacher I've been lucky enough to train with several times.

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  8. windwalker

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    Does it fall within one of these methods...:)
    Or do you feel there is no difference

    The teacher list 3 methods

    Different methods require different types of training allowing for different methods that can be used..

    If one feels there is no difference, then the any method should work....

    For those who feel there are differences, the other training won't work
    for the methods they use
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  9. YouKnowWho

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    When your opponent uses arm drag on you, if you

    - resist, he will borrow your resisting force and throw you backward.
    - yield, he will borrow your yielding force and throw you forward.

    The best counter for this takedown is to "use straight line to interrupt the circle". When you step in behind your opponent's leg, you have interrupt his circular motion and take the control back.

    IMO, by using the correct angle to disable your opponent's takedown has nothing to do with "internal energy".

    Also I won't call to use the "belly bounce counter a throw" to be "internal energy".

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  10. windwalker

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    Yes that's a strategy based on a method of training.

    We are discussing methods that allow for different strategies.

    It might prudent to separate the method from the person.

    A skilled person can make almost any method work
    An un skilled person even with a good method, it may not work

    This teacher also feels there is distinction between methods that both clips " from different teachers "
    talk about.

    Dantian, that it is a very different method allowing for a different type of strategy based on developing it it.

  11. Grond

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    Even Hollywood Tai Chi is more believable than Mizner's finger-fu.

  12. Smitfire

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    I'm assuming you know this already but thought I'd mention it anyway.
    You're using two logical fallacies there. Namely the argumentum ad populum (appeal to popularity) and the argumentum ad antiquitatem (appeal to tradition). Neither of which are valid.
    I mean if you want to apply the appeal to popularity to TCM then there are more people who aren't Chinese than are. So your point doesn't even stand on its own terms.
  13. David Harrison

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    Chinese medicine might be very old, and they achieved incredible things, such as a smallpox vaccination centuries before the Europeans, but isn't it the case that popular TCM today is very different to TCM practised before the 19th Century? I've read that there are very few TCM practitioners who are trained in actual traditional medicine, which was virtually eradicated in the 1950s.
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  14. Dead_pool

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  15. windwalker

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    Do hope you take the time, to apply your observations to other post here, factually not correct,
    in their statements concerning traditional Chinese medicine.

    "China remains the country with the largest population in the world, with more than 1.4 billion people.Aug 17, 2021"

    Maybe its changed, and you are correct...
  16. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    He is correct in his statement there are more non Chinese than Chinese in the world.

    He said nothing about another country being more populus that China......
  17. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    And if we are going down the whole appeal to popularity and tradition route maybe we should all be worshiping cows .....
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  18. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    I am correct.
    World population 7.9 billion.
    Chinese population 1.4 billion.
    Non-Chinese population of the earth is therefore around 6.5 billion.
    If we take off a few million for people in China who don't ascribe to TCM, and add a few million for the wider Chinese diaspora, and people around the world who are non-Chinese but ascribe to TCM the numbers aren't comparable.
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  19. Dead_pool

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    If he was right, then as China is technically an atheist state, then he needs to give up any religion he believes in too.
  20. El Medico

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    Mainly Huang, Sheng-shyan's line,also from Yang,Shou-hou. Doesn't name his teachers on his site,I have heard one or two names but I've forgotten.

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