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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by clumsybob, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. clumsybob

    clumsybob New Member

    Hi all,

    I started kickboxing a few weeks ago and after several lessons I felt pretty good, did the exercises etc with no after effects.
    However for the past couple of lessons I have been pretty much boxing against focus pads. After the first session (weds) I was tired but felt no ill effects the following morning, however on sundays workout as soon as I raised my guard my arms felt tired straight away. After a brutal workout to finish the session I am now aching all over but particularly feeling the strain on my shoulders and inner thigh.
    I know the saying of no pain no gain and I appreciate this, but is there anything I can do to ease the aches. If I continue as is I fell I may pick up a more serious injury or have to take a break to recover, which I dont want to do.
    We do plenty of stretching/warming down in the lesson so I dont see any problems there but any advice would be welcome.

  2. heat1012000

    heat1012000 New Member

    It just seems as though you've ju ped in the deep end so to speak. I fell in to exactly the same trap when i started kickboxing. I went to quite a few classes a week and soon found it too much.
    If you just slow down a bit and maybe not go to as many classes you'll feel better. your body is probably not ready for the strains that its suddenly undergone. Give yourself time to recovery and slowly build up your exercises.
    I now go 5 times a week and its fine just take it slow and don't expect changes over night
    reply back :)
  3. Jax

    Jax New Member

    Hot bath with some muscle relaxants in works good.
  4. clumsybob

    clumsybob New Member

    Well, since I posted the original message a few weeks ago I fell a definate improvement in my fitness. Most importantly in my recovery times, although I still ache a few days after a lesson I can maintain a constant exertion during the lesson.
    Sure, I did jump in at the deep end in the begining but that is what makes things fun for me :)
  5. Jax

    Jax New Member

    The first few weeks are always the hardest, if this is the first time you have done any MA your body, muscles in perticular will not be used to this kind of activity and will respond by rapidy becoming stronger and more resiliant.

    if your muscles ache the day after/days after it ususally means you've done enough to 'shock' your muscles into becoming stronger/faster. This is how i judge if ive done a good gym workout and change my routine according to the pain level :) Not been able to walk properly and crawling up steps after a good leg workout is not always good tho :D
  6. Kenpo Kicker

    Kenpo Kicker New Member

  7. MuayThaiGuy

    MuayThaiGuy New Member

    LOTS of ibuprofen. :) I can take up to 15 200mg pills a day if I'm really sore. You can also take 2 naproxen a day on top of the iburpofen but you shouldn't take more than that because of side effects. Heat is also REALLY useful on those sore muscles.
  8. MuayThaiGuy

    MuayThaiGuy New Member

    Oh yeah, and lots of massage. Do yourself a favor and go out and buy two of those knobby plastic massage dealies. They will really save wear and tear on your hands. A girlfriend helps at that too. :D
  9. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    That sounds a bit much :eek:

    Only problem with painkillers is you ignore your body telling you to slow down, which often leads to more pain....

    Maybe other supplements like creatine could help?
  10. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    Just chill you've just started. After a while you'll get fitter and you will recover quicker.

    Try doing some light exercises in between sessions. Just to warm up then stretch off.
  11. MuayThaiGuy

    MuayThaiGuy New Member

    Yeah, I've only had to take that many on a few occasions. Either the days after I've started a new exercise routine, or when I occasionally get debilitating back spasms.

    I don't think creatine will help with soreness. After starting creatine I was actually more sore since it allowed me to work out harder without noticing it at the time.
  12. Kenpo Kicker

    Kenpo Kicker New Member

    ibuprofen helps the muscles heal not just kill the pain they losen em up so it can heal. When I tear a muscle my doc tells me to take the stuff. After you soak sore muscles in hot water or what ever hot thing applied (not for to long though it can be bad) you should apply cold to the sore areas. When your muscles are sore they are very minor tears. Drinking alot of water is also good for the muscles. Potassium helps your body regulate your body and good for the muscles. It can help out blood pressure. Spinach is rich in potassium. With pills do not exceed too much potassium intake.

    Edit: Oh it also balances out your acidic lvl.
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  13. clumsybob

    clumsybob New Member

    I agree, the over the counter dosage for ibuprofen is 6 200mg tablets per day which equates to 2 tablets 3 times a day. To take more, especillay 15 is asking your liver to do too much which could lead to damage later on in life.
    Additionally the ibuprofen also reduces the swelling of the tissue, it does not repair the tears in the musles causing the pain. If the pain is resulting in you requiring medication you should step back in the training a little. The kinds of aches and pains I was reffering to in my original post did not warrent this kind of attention, although I would like to say that just 2 ibuprofen tablets did help with a sore hamstring I had the other day.


  14. MuayThaiGuy

    MuayThaiGuy New Member

    Actually, that recommendation on the ibuprofen bottle is bull. According to, the maximum dosage is 3200mg/day, or 16 OTC pills. You don't want to take this every day so that you aren't constantly stressing your liver, but it's perfectly fine on occasionn. The pain I was referring to was from sore muscles, which aren't necessarily tears. They are more likely inflammation, which ibuprofen does help to reduce. Incidentally, the anti-inflammatory effect works better if you keep a constant level in your system, so you should take some pills just before bed too.

    Now, Tylenol (acetaminophen aka paracetamol) is another story entirely. That crap can kill your liver (you will need a transplant) with just a bit over the maximum daily dosage.
  15. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    I also think u should regulate the amount of pressure u putting on ur body (like really hardworkout on one lesson, slightly relaxed and work on technique the next) it gives ur body time to heal and u can still workout and improve upon urself.
    My first injury in kickboxing was the first lesson, someone left a sweat patch on the punchbag, my fist slipped on that patch and twisted my wrist. I still kept going but working on my technique till my hand was better. Then i worked on my power.
  16. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    I was talking with BeWaterMyFriend the other day on here about cold and hot shower therapy after training, and the benefits/negatives of it. It definitely reduces my soreness, I always make sure I do it.
    Get into a warm shower for a minute or so to help the blood flow. Then go for between 30 seconds and 3 minutes on really cold, making sure you get all your body cold (ice baths are the best way, but not always practical). You will want to scream because it is pretty shocking, just progress it slowly to really cold, then stay there. Then back to hot for a few minutes to warm up again, then cold, then warm again. Works absolute wonders for me. Paula Radcliffe swears by them, as do the England rugby team. Can't argue really.

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