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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Quozl, May 30, 2010.

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    I would like: to offer gratitude to Kuk Sool Won of Aberdeen for hosting a magnificent tournament and demo today; to congratulate KJN Don on his well earned and well deserved promotion to KJN at the Demo, and likewise KJN Ian Cameron on his promotion to KJN; to congratulate my old School Livingston Kuk Sool Won on their unprecidented third consecutive victory in winning the flag and therefore keping it for ever, awesome effort guys; to congratulate fellow Mapper Herbo for his promotion to JKN to day, and to all the other promotees (including Sarah and Amie (pass on my congratulations Herbo!!); and (although not a Mapper) a special congratulations to my old Mucker Mark for winning the over forties JKN Grand Champion in his first ever BB tournament, excellent effort mate really proud of you!; and last but not least to all the competitors whether they won medals or not for such a well competed tournament, thanks for making Aberdeen a superb event.

    All the very best guys, and well done.

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    Thanks Quozl, much appreciated mate. It still hasn't sunk in yet.

    I'd also like to say what a fantastic atmosphere the tournament had and how efficiently it was run. Our hosts had picked an excellent venue.

    Furthermore the seminar that preceeded the tournament was equally as enjoyable as self defense application and kicking improvement techniques were all covered.
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    This calls for a new avatar then, don'cha think, herbo?

    Here's one I whipped up special, just for you. ;)

    Silly me... your moniker isn't "Herbo_wksa" it's "herbo_ksw"

    So you can choose, keep the one I did in a hurry or the one that better fits your screen-name (I also took the time to arc the text so it fits the contour of the belt).

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    That's awesome sir, much appreciated :D

    KIWEST Revalued Mapper

    Hey Unknown, you could start a trade in these! But well done to everyone who took part in the Aberdeen tournament. I heard it went very well and I am so pleased for Aberdeen on having a good turnout for the event. And very well done to KJN Don too!

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