Abdominal and Reverse Breathing

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by SickDevildog, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Jaybird

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    my very first spm class i was taught was was told to me as reverse abdominal breathing which was stomach out on inhale and stomach in on exhale which is what is said to increase your power for short distance strikes :bang:
  2. ptkali778

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    reverse breathing is it in or out? what's the benefit of it?
  3. onyomi

    onyomi 差不多先生

    Whoah.... your SPM teacher calls "stomach out on inhale, in on exhale" "reverse abdominal breathing"? That's so weird. My Northern Mantis teacher calls it that too, while everyone else in the world seems to call that "natural" breathing and "in on inhale, out on exhale," "reverse breathing." My 7* Mantis teacher calls what everyone else calls "reverse breathing," "proper abdominal breathing." I'm starting to become convinced that either my Northern Mantis teacher secretly studies SPM or else the two Mantises are linked in more ways than one.
  4. Qi Fu

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    These breathing choices are basic and founded in Qi movement. But! when talking about physiology the method that moves the diapham is my choice, because it is the healthyist. The diapham acts as a pump for lymph movement in the body. Check out the lymphatic system and its many functions for just some of its advantages. Its also amazing when you transform this movement into high breathing, starting at the foot.
  5. jkzorya

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    I checked this out at my local lymphoedema clinic - the issue came up at the last international conference. Apparently, there is no real evidence of this - muscle contraction is still believed by lymphoedema specialists to be the most significant factor in pumping lymph - so running, swimming etc. would be better than breathing exercises.
  6. cloudz

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    And perhaps combining specific breathing methods with exercise(basically what qigong is) would be even better. Like in martial forms or swimming (this is a part of swim training these day just not going by the name qigong) or.. whatever takes your fancy.

    It also depends where you want to put focus.

    In sparring for example you are not focusing on punching in the same way as when doing a punching drill on a bag. There is a big difference.

    Qigong has its focus on moving intention and using breathing methods. You may say it is irrelevent to MA. But i say those punching exercises Karate guys do are irrelevent to me and my practice of MA.. As is that shaolin 5 animal training method as is having a truck run over my stomach, doing a somersault in my form, fighting on a table top, hitting a tree with my bare fist for 2 hrs .. I can think of more I'm sure.
  7. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    Sure - breathing can be co-ordinated harmoniously with movement - no argument from me there :)

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