A1 World Combat Cup

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Ottoman Turk, May 14, 2005.

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    It's tonight.Istanbul is ready,all the fans are ready,7 hours left till Show time.Any of you who is able to watch Turkish tv through cable or sattelite dish,it's going to be live on Show Tv at 20:30.

    Hear is the final card

    8 man A-1 Tournament -

    Wanlop Sitpholek (Thailand) - Olvier Elizabeth (France)

    Prince Hamid (Morroco) - Joseph yaucat (South Africa)

    Jim Iconomou (Greece) - Prince Amir (Iran)

    Chris Rhiley (Usa) - Apache Serkan (Turkey)

    superfights -
    Francois Decrawhez (Belgium) - Tayfun Aktoz (Turkey)

    Majed Shafipour (Iran) - Senol Cetin (Turkey)

    Semi Main Event -
    HEADHUNTER (Papua New Guinea) - Ramazan Beyazkaya (Turkey)

    Kaponis Pavlos (Greece) - GURKAN OZKAN (Turkey)

    ps - 2 fights not confirmed yet,but Serkan Yilmaz should be fighting.
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    Is A1 standup or MMA?
  3. Ottoman Turk

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    You can get info on www.solak.com.au

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