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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by warriorofanart, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I am finally off from school for about a year, so it's time to jump right back into training!

    I have been looking at HIIT and I am going to try it out. I am about average height, and I weight around 185 pounds (84 Kilos). My goal is to lose all that excess weight, and increase my overall physical fitness.


    5 minute warm up jog, plus stretching.

    30 seconds light jog 30 seconds sprint; repeated 6 times.
    30 seconds mountain climbers 30 seconds rest; repeated 6 times.
    30 seconds high knees 30 seconds rest: repeated 6 times.
    30 seconds burpees 30 seconds rest: repeated 6 times.

    Total Workout Time: approximately 24 minutes minus warm up.

    Three times a week, increase sets by 1-2 every week.

    I also decided to do some LSD on the weekend (lol) after reading Mitch's thread :


    This Week's Training:

    Monday: HIIT
    Tuesday: rest
    Wednesday: rest
    Thursday: HIIT
    Sunday: HIIT

    This is a personal thing to keep my training logged and to track my improvements. Plus it gives me the motivation to get up and train if laziness kicks in. I would appreciate any critique, tips, or anything helpful.
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    Thanks for the encouragement guys :)

    Well today's session was a disaster. I sprinted the first set like planned, the second set kicked my ass, and the third floored me. I ended up jogging the last three sets and couldn't even handle the remaining workouts.

    I decided to change it up for now since I set up my training way too rigorously for my fitness level.

    15 seconds sprint 30 seconds walk; repeated 6 times.

    I'll follow this for the rest of the week to get my body used to it. Afterwards I'll start adding in the workouts.

    It feels really good though :cool:
  3. Simon

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    Cool, slowly, slowly, catchy monkey as they say.

    It is no good getting burn out in the first few weeks.
  4. Frodocious

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    Good idea. Ease into things gradually. There's no point overdoing it in the beginning and injuring yourself. Give your body the chance to adapt to your new routine and then think about increasing the intensity/difficulty.

    Weight loss is going to come more from adjusting your diet than from exercise, so make sure you get that in order ASAP. Christmas time is not a good time to think about diets however! ;) :)
  5. warriorofanart

    warriorofanart Valued Member

    It's hard with all the good food around :) but hopefully getting active can help me manage my diet better.
  6. warriorofanart

    warriorofanart Valued Member

    Warrior’s December 26 – January 1st 2012 Week Review:

    Well, to say that I had no will to resist this holiday's food would be a gross overstatement. I had indulged enough to put dictators to shame, but this changes today (mostly due to the fact that the holidays are over :cry:).

    This previous week I worked out a total of two times from my four time workout. On Monday I did my first HIIT which was difficult, but good. On Thursday I did my first Parkour (free running) training, and that kicked my ass harder than the HIIT, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. It's a once a week thing at the moment, so I'll be doing HIIT most of the time.

    I'll be starting Judo again on Monday, and it's a three-hour class, four times a week. I'll see how that goes (I remember the class being quite rigorous so I might not even need to do HIIT that often), and try to train as often as I can.

    This Week's Training:

    Monday: Morning: HIIT/Evening: Judo
    Tuesday: Judo
    Wednesday: Judo
    Thursday: Morning: HIIT/Evening: Judo
    Friday: rest
    Saturday: Parkour
    Sunday: rest

    HIIT Workouts:

    15 seconds sprint 30 seconds walk; repeated 6 times.
    30 seconds burpees 30 seconds rest: repeated 6 times.

    I'm experimenting around to see what works best for me. Here's me wishing for a great next week for you guys and I!
  7. warriorofanart

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    I haven't been able to go through my HIIT as I had lost sight of my goals, but now I am more motivated than ever. In fact my last workout that I started about a week ago has left me achingly sore; feels great! :cool:

    The previous workout was too rigorous for me, and I guess that could be a reason for not continuing it.

    I also decided to pay attention to my dieting. As I am still relatively around the same fitness level when I started this log (still weight 180 but with an increased gut) I figured my diet played a much bigger role than I had previously thought.

    I am following a 2000 calorie diet until I drop to my healthy weight of 150, so the below may fluctuate.

    I split it into the following per day:

    Grains: 8 ounces - (ex: 1 cup of brown rice, + 2 slices of whole wheat bread)
    Veggies: 3 cups - (ex: 1 cup is 2 handfuls; salad twice a day made up of multi-colored veggies, also include beans.)
    Fruits: 2 cups - (ex: banana, orange juice, apples; main source of carbohydrates)
    Dairy: 2-3 cups - (ex: 1% low fat milk, non-fat yogurt)
    Protien: 6.5 ounces - (ex: 1 grilled chicken breast, salmon steak, etc.)

    ~Meal Example~​

    Breakfast: oatmeal made with 1% low fat milk and sliced bananas. 1-2 cups of water.
    Brunch: a serving of fruit.
    Lunch: 1 cups of brown rice, toppled with a lightly seasoned salmon fillet, a side of salad.
    Snack: low fat chocolate milk
    Dinner: salad, yogurt, 1-2 slices of toasted bread.

    Water throughout the day, at least 6-8 cups per day.


    I am trying this circuit workout. I am going to do this for about a month, then I'll hit HIIT after I am in reasonable shape.

    Start: 1 mile run (increase by 1/4 of a mile once a week). After run do a 6 second sprint/54 second rest x 4 (increase sprint by 2 seconds and reduce rest by 2 seconds every week).

    20 Hindu Squats
    20 Walking lunges
    20 High Kness (10 Each Side)
    5 Pull Ups
    20 Hindu Push Ups
    30 Second Plank

    Repeat 3 times, 4 times a week.

    I still haven't figured out how often to increase reps/sets, but I'll just see how my body is taking it. My first week felt good, so on Saturday I'll probably give a stronger push.

    Thank you for reading. I need to put something in writing so I can stick to it :rolleyes:
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    I haven't quiet found the perfect set of workout for me as I am experimenting with many different exercises, and the soreness has taken its toll!

    In all, my diet has been going somewhat as planned, and my workout consistent of jogging a mile and doing sprints afterwards. I probably need to change it to sprints first and endurance afterwards (yes a mile is endurance for me at the moment)! :D

    Definitely seeing a slight improvement over the past week's training. I cheated a little on my diet yesterday, but I am sticking to the plan.

    I started doing VanZad's flexibility workout this morning; a 10 minute dynamic stretching felt so good!

    That's it, thanks for reading!
  9. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    I wish you good luck!
  10. warriorofanart

    warriorofanart Valued Member

    Thanks, I appreciate it! :)

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