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  1. karl52

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    Here's a short clip of Jayne who came to train with me a few years ago,the clip shows her at the first lesson to the fifteenth over a period of 12 months.
    I found the scenarios teaching very helpful,she used to freeze a lot at first even with the basic dummy but as the techniques became more familiar and an understanding of the feeling of fight or flight she stopped thinking about it and switched it on,what made the biggest difference was turning on the aggression and making that mental switch from predator to prey.i think it was Melissa Soalt that called it "unleashing the amazonian"

    I don't care what you do I'm doing this mentality!determination and belief that you've got what it takes,you know this because you've tested it under pressure,this confidence can make a huge difference to men and women and does spill over into other parts of your life.
    Since the footage was taken shes used it on one occasion working late as a temp the "office bully" took a step to far,apparently he was holding a hot drink she took it off him put it on the table and proceeded to beat him to the ground,picked him up and sat him down gave him the coffee back and told him to "drink it" and left.
    She was never a full time student but always listened and took everything in she still trains now and again and tests herself in the odd scenario


    she also loved watching the Fierce and female DVD by Melissa Soalt,its right at the top of what i call women's self defence the best DVD ive seen.

    Heres a link to her site i think its exellent

  2. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    hope you dont mind i brought this over from anther thread and linked it

    My thoughts are when it comes to self defence I always teach a sort of hit and run approach do what it takes until you can safely escape, hopefully the first shot will be enough but it’s very rarely that straight forward

    Here’s one scenario

    a drunk guy approaches her at the bus stop its dark he threatens her and comes at her aggressively she’s prepared she strikes first knocks him over with a few strikes and runs to the nearest shop, if she stayed and attack him like that I would say that was unreasonable force

    Here’s a second scenario

    Imagine she’s in bed she hears a noise as she gets out of bed a man burst in and attacks her, he’s probably got some sort of weapon/tool she doesn’t know why he’s here or what he’s got planned rape or murder? so now she’s fighting for her life but shes got a baby and the toddler in bedroom next door, she needs to make sure she’s got time to escape and get the kids out, find the keys etc, in a situation like that ,i would say that sort of force is totally reasonable, you have to do what it takes to survive

    in the last scenario on the clip she was training to make the decision when to attack a very important part of self defence that’s often over looked and equally important is the ability to switch off when the jobs done as well as the obvious hard skills. I also told her to put herself in the house with the kids in the other room and make sure she didn’t stop until the threat was nullified and in my eyes she did a very good job

    Hope this helps
  3. Griffin

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    She aint gonna be no ones victim, and considering any action is good action in the face of life or Death then sir congrats.
    In my humble opinion, may i say that if she was more grounded, or basically didnt hop when striking, she could muster more power. Initial face rake and push was great,
    knees were great, just the stomps ended up pushes really, more chance of brain shake with a punt for goal, perhaps a stomp then punt :)
    Only my humble opinion though, like i said congrats mate. From timid to Tigress=Awesome.
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  4. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    Hey Karl,

    I understand what your saying and I may just be nitpicking here but minus the children aspect senario one and two are the same. If a "drunk" comes up and starts to hassle her she has no idea what his intentions are, or if he is armed or unarmed. He may just be wanting the time or he just wants trouble.

    The thing is without explaining the actions and reactions to smashing someone's head in on the floor and then placing a video up online calling it "womens self defence" or whatever gives the impression that its OK to jump on top of your attacker once your done and land a few dozen kicks to the head just to finish the job off.
  5. Griffin

    Griffin Valued Member

    Good point dOugbug, Karl52, you were no longer acting aggressive toward her as you lay motionless and she clocked up some stomps. If you were to attempt to continue grabbing at her feet legs in an attempt to get up then her actions are good.
    Thats all, just the extra stomps. in relation to threat level she's learning while stomping away. Threat was over once you stopped attacking is all :)

    A stomp and punt will suffice in my humble opinion. Hey, the all important action button has been installed on a potential (statistically) victim of our society so thats gotta be good for her.
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  6. bassai

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    The "push over" at around 1:20 looked somewhat compliant.
  7. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    The stomping is so you can get the words DON'T EVER MESS WITH ME AGAIN!
    5 stomps and a big jump to finish! Can't see anything wrong with that:whistle:
  8. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    You mean double tap the elbow and drop like the good old WWF days? lol
  9. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    It all looked somewhat complaint to me
  10. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    i totally agree any scenario can be life or death your right but I think time taken to escape can be different
    unless im covering a specific senario i dont tell the student what im going to do just because ive got the helmet on doesnt mean ill attack,i might ask for the time and walk of and id say 90% of students hit me if i ask for the time in there first senario;)

    I think I was pretty compliant there as well, you’ve got to turn the heat up a lot more to see if what you’re doing really works.
    but everybody’s got to start somewhere. I tend to use a few different ways like keeping the arms in or grabbing and holding and or striking. Get confident enough and I’m more than willing to turn the heat up:D

    but that’s also the beauty of hitting first I think if you hit hard enough by surprise then the attacker should have no choice but try to defend once the attack was launched or "kiss the pavement" as Moi might say?

    I do think some of the stamps were pushy as well and I wouldn’t say that she was striking really hard but hard enough especially with the mindset switched on, it really makes all the difference in my eyes

    I actually recommend stamping on the ankle or knee if you have to but everybody’s got a little artistic licence and nothings set in stone she thought that the threat was enough to make sure the job was finished and she had enough time to escape. This was also a test for the helmet I was developing and after feeling the weight of her stamps and the bend in the helmet, id say a good stamp off a bigger guy would probably break it and these were the only stamps i ever allowed on the helmet.

    Thanks for the feedback guys,
  11. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    so isnt that something wrong in your teaching? If your giving your students the chance to attack you when you got the helmet on as you said "if your just asking for the time" a bit of a talk in reading, reacting and fencing may be in order. I mean striking first is fine but there has to be a cause for it.

    If a drunk walks upto that woman he could just be asking the time and she slugs him on the chin, then knees and stamps on him she just assaulted him for no given reason.

    At least tell them when your training keep everything at arms bay, talk with the hands and then react depending on the situation
  12. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    personally I think its ok for your feet to lift when your turning up the power,but not really in the manner she does more in a tyson or dennis Jones, Steve Morris sort of way

    heres two gifs taken from some other helmet tests around the same time in the first one his feet are planted in a basic boxers stance its a nice shot twists his hips in nice shot on the second he launches more driving his body into the strike and his feet lift off a little

  13. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    i think you misunderstand me i cover everything you mention I do teach various forms of the fence and to keep hands up where needed and arms bay were possible

    with the first tests they usually don't know what I'm going to do,there hyped up and usually full of adrenalin but its all part of learning,I try to catch them out by talking quick or loud or twitch,to get them to understand you cant
    just strike without even listening say hello loud they might attack.unless someone comes charging at you,you never really know what there thinking so its good to have the unknown factor,some time ill just stand by them for a bit build up the expectation and walk off

    as they become more accustomed to it they start to react better listening to tone of voice using their hands more she does both in the clip if she left the attack any longer i would have moved in for a grab or struck first what they soon learn is going first is a hell of a lot easier but i think its important to try to cover most situations.

    One problem with the helmet is you don't get face expressions but we do some scenarios without the helmet so they get used to that

    at first she had real problems with the fight of flight reaction and used to freeze a lot and everybody reacts different with repetition and familiarity they start to understand the feelings and take full advantage of the adrenal response

    ive had doormen do a perfect job first time because there used to it everybody's different

  14. Griffin

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    Yes agreed.
    Plenty left hooks Tyson almost airborn :)
    I only mention it for the stomp for the lighter members of community. Her action rose her body, robbing her of a little power. However, i agree its a little fussy considering if she's made it to the stomp she's "made it"
    Besides as you mention, the mindset is the major factor, not the style of techniques etc.

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