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  1. strider

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    hey guyz,long time havnt wrote something,but now a problem that i will love to share with u,am sure what i will be talking about is smething that has happened with alot of u guyz,and may happen many times again.
    here we go,i've been with this girl for like 4 years shared every single moment 2gather,it was really smething and its wierd that when things r going our own way how we neglect or dont give enough attention to what might happen if things go wrong.
    so everything was normal between us and as every relation ship we had our ups and down until we started to realize that alot of things between us differs,so one thing led to another and problems occured so we decided its time to break up and every one should go there own way,but what we didnt consider is its not easy at all to take some one out of ur life when u have spent 4 years with her,everything started deteriorating life wasnt as beautiful as it seemed to,the feeling of butterflies in the stomach never left me,for a mnth and a half i felt my heart getting ripped and re attached and than ripped again,i failed most of my courses in university every thing went gloomy,so here i realized if i leave my self to continue this way it will be a downfall i wont be able to heal from.
    so here what i started to do to help my self and all of u people who is in such situation or god forbid will get in such situation the following r what u will have to do.
    first get a grip of urselves,2nd try to talk as much as possible to ur family close friends talking releases the built in pressure but talk to people that u really trust like ur mother father brothers sisters any close relative or friend,make sure to take all the things that reminds u of ur boyfriend or girlfriend put them in abox a drawer lock it and give the key to any of ur parents this way the things will be their but u wont be able to see them.
    now for the socialities as much as u feel u want to stay alone and believe that what u will want to do,dont go out get ur self busy with what ever u can,hang out with ur friends focus on ur personal life ,never ever make ur boy friend or girl friend the center of ur life,u r the center of ur life let them be an existing part of u but not ur basic blocks,if ur in school or university focus on it and make ur self busy with all activities in it,if u work make a friendly atmosphere communicate with who u can communicate with.
    never forget the longer u spend with a person the harder it will take u to take them out of ur life.
    now alot have askes this question how does my M.A. helps me in such situations it will help alot,always focus on a good beautiful idea although at first it will be very hard,train as much as u can never give up,keep on ur composure ur discipline,self control when ur mind or brain reminds u of ur partner force ur self to think on another thing.
    now after 3 to 5 weeks things starts to get better what u have seen gloomy isnt that gloomy on the contrary u realize that u have taken the first punch that life has to offer of many punches,u start again to see the posiitve sides of what u r doing or what u will do,keep in mind "THAT TIME IS AN EXCELLENT HEALER" so always be patient.
    after some time like a mnth or a mnth and half u will have an urge to find some one else "don't" that will be a bounce back give ur self some time so u can think with ur mind not ur heart.
    now for me after a couple of mnth the scars r still their and is the pain but they desipate with time that i promise.
    and no matter how much pain u will feel as time passes by u will look at it and u will see it was a good thing bcuz alot u will have learned.
    for now thats as much as i can remember alot will happen to but what i have said r to a certain extent the normalities of a break up.
    anyways i hope what i have wrote will be some help to some people,and if any one is in such problem plz dont hesitate to msg me,i will gladly be their for the help.
    take care
  2. stump

    stump Supersub

    This may be a thought provoking and insightful piece of prose but very few people will ever know unless you learn to type in non-texteze.

    Try it - you might like it
  3. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    Unfortunately, when you are young then you tend to throw everything into a relationship, even at the expense of family, friends, outside interests, etc.
    When you are older, you learn from experience to be more reserved and to maintain an active social circle and interests outside of your little love bubble.

    Everyone learns the hard way, I'm afraid
  4. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    If you can get past the lack of punctuation and the awful txt-speak (which wasn't easy), there's some good advice here. It belongs in "Off-Topic." But it's good advice.

    Please, please, in the future, write in normal English. You sound like a smart bloke. Don't sabotage that with lazy writing.

  5. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    They already said it so I won't!

    I just got through what will probably be my last "youthfull" relationship. You know, where you

    and I'm just tired of it now. I'm ready for the more adultlike thing (I hope anyway).

    Flat out, the only thing to do in the face of heartbreak is buck up and walk through it.
  6. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Thats a nice post (apart from punc! :p ) and its something most people will go through at some stage.

    Time is a great healer, keep going and eventually you will get your life in gear again. But his time a little wiser ;)
  7. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Exactly. My best friend gave me the only advice that ever really makes sense at times like that after a breakup. "This too shall pass."

    Granted, he quoted me a bunch of gangsta rap lyrics first. But I'm sure it made sense in his head.

  8. strider

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    hey guyz,am srry for the way i wrote the topic,but i still dont understand what u mean "type in non-texteze".
  9. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Things like using "4", instead of "for" or "u" for "you".

    Your profile says that you are in the middle east, would I be correct in guessing that English is not your native tongue?
  10. Freeform

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    I'm sleep deprived and couldn't read the OP at all, but I've grown to trust Ap's opinion ;)

    Moved to Off Topic.
  11. strider

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    true english isnt my first langauge,arabic is,am from beirut lebanon.
    and thanks for the tips
  12. NamSagoon

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    How is it over there right now?
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  13. strider

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    its cool abit of upsies and downsies but hopefully good

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