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Discussion in 'Silat' started by littlewarrior, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. littlewarrior

    littlewarrior New Member

    i have practise a few styles of silat and was wondering if anyone would help me.
    the question or thread is.
    discribe what silat means to you ?
    not the translation of the word but the concepts
  2. silatliam

    silatliam Valued Member

    "The way of the warrior"
    A system for Physical, Internal and Spirtiual health
  3. littlewarrior

    littlewarrior New Member

    thats what i needed

    that was superb "the way of the warrior" this was the answer i was looking for many thanks to you my friend. i wish you all the best .
  4. CQC

    CQC Arsenal Gear's A.I

    Wait!!You haven't asked me yet!!!

    For me? First, it's only about the art of "how-not-to-get-myself-into-hospital-if-i'm-in-a-brawl"

    But, after a while; I realized that its all about the art of calmness, how get chill, stay cool even under fire- that's what the ones who survived does- subdue the fear against the enemy before subduing the enemy.
    Same thing can be applied when you're in your study/workplace-subduing the hardships in your assignments/job the calm way.
  5. rizal

    rizal Valued Member

    tricky question
    First of all, because it helps me deal with bullies.
    Then, as a deterrent to make others not to mess around with me.
    Then, as a deterrent to make others not to harm other people.
    Then, to keep my stomach relatively flat.
    Lastly, because it is fun!

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