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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by middleway, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    hi all,

    Little clip of last nights class.

    some basic 5 fists work.


    any other xing yi.....ers .... wanna share some videos?

    Chris :)
  2. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    tell you training partner to protect his centreline!!!!!! (or take out dental insurance)

    The Bear.
  3. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    ha ha ha ... yeh he took some shots to the gob last night ... i agree center line need to be better protected. He is quite a strong guy actually some of the others here have trained with him a little.

    the work we were doing was focusing on subtle skills and fine lines of attack so the effect is that you fall onto the strikes .... still basic stuf though.

  4. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    As always, nice clip Chris.

  5. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    my wish............

    Hi Middleway,

    I wish you would show a clip of you performing the 5 fists in a more traditional way.

    ie just the straight line teachnique as i'm sure it was originally taught to you, without a partner or any application.

    Formal Wu Xing Quan, or just one of the fists.

    go on....you know you want to ;)
  6. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    oki doki ...

    Here is Pi ... and the other video of all 5 is just uploading.


    I am one sloppy form person i am affraid to say! ;)

    will post the full 5 when its uploaded.

    The reason i dont post much form is ... firstly i am rubbish at it .. and secondly there is so much 'forms' on the net already.

  7. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    here you go


  8. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    hi Chris,

    Sorry i've been away training with my Sifu for the past couple of weeks, and didn't see your latest posts.

    You've now removed the clips. Any chance you might pop them up again?
  9. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    sure ...

    here you go.


    i reitterate that my form work is sloppy and ... pants! :D

  10. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    You see,

    If I spent more time on here and less time training, i'd have seen your clip.

    Any chance of reposting it? or can I just come along to your class and see you some time?

    Pm me if you like.
  11. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    hi herbert,

    i tried to PM you but it wouldnt send. nothing too groundbreaking so ...

  12. nready

    nready Verifying DMI pool....


    Like a phone call, "with only hey tried to catch you". From booth people.
  13. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Stiff should be beaten in public with a T'ai Chi whip for that pun.
  14. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    ha ha ha .. i know!!

    herbert said PM him but he has PM and email contact de-activated!

    sorry to use the thread guys.

  15. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Why start a thread about video clips and then remove the clips from YouTube? Not a single one of the links worked. Bizarre.
  16. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    ah ... well the thread was started to see if other Xing yiers wanted to share some clips. no one did ... although i dont think there are many people that do xing yi here.

    here is my youtube channel. I have 'cleaned it up a bit' removing some old videos and just leaving ones that i think are worth showing. hence the videos disappearing.


    as you can see this thread didnt go anywhere really. no one else posted any videos ... no one really talked about the videos, just asked for more. so i didnt think people would miss them ...

    anyways. I dont mind putting them back up if its really that important?

  17. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    Sorry Chris,
    I forgot to activate it. Duh!

    Yep, you can ask who my teacher is! haha!
    I'll tell you when I see you, but my Master is from Wan Lai Sheng lineage.

    I'll pm you.
  18. nready

    nready Verifying DMI pool....

    I like it! You are trying to develop the focus of forward energy to the opponent.

    You do this in the bridge practice to? Meaning do you do something like Chi Sau?

    p.s. If I had a camera,I would post, and if I knew what to do! Only reason I don't have a camera is the cost and I would not use one that much.
  19. middleway

    middleway Valued Member

    Yeh i had a funny feeling he would be ;) :D dont know why!

    PM me when you can.

    happy training


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