4 Months in and I Still Lose Every Match

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by richardd, Mar 25, 2017.

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    My instructors say "Tap early, tap often". My small club produces UK, European and World champions, so we're doing something right.

    "Tap early" is to avoid injury. Don't wait for that elbow to be hyper-extended, tap as soon as you know your opponent has control and can finish the move.

    "Tap often" because that way you're experiencing a lot of moves and positions and will therefore learn much. If you keep getting caught in a position, every time your restart go back there. You will eventually work out how to avoid or escape that position. That's how we learn.

    We produce champions in my club. No-one cares how often they tap.

    If you tap, you made a mistake, or the person was just better than you in that moment. Figure it out, go there again until you no longer get tapped by that move. That's how we progress. You should still be doing this at black belt.
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    1) I don't want to sound condescending here but he only weighs 80 pounds and has been training for a month. When he gets you in the high mount, have you tried bucking as hard as you can or trying to stand up? And when he mouth cups you, can't you remove his hands instead of tapping out? Again, I'm not trying to be rude but he shouldn't be tapping you out 7 times.

    2) Since when did mouth cupping become an acceptable submission move? I think it's a disrespectful move to be using especially when they're already in a dominant position. I understand that he's new and young but you should really inform him that it's not an acceptable move.
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    He's usually sitting on my neck which is too high to buck or stand up to. And 15 minutes is a long time to spar. Towards the end, I'm usually breathing hard and have no energy left to remove the mouth cupping. Also, I have asthma and tend to tap quicker than most when I can't breathe.

    I don't know if it is a legal move, it's certainly never been taught.
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    ^ not great advice.
    If hes on the shoulders, how does lifting the hips help?

    Personally I think letting children roll with subs with new adults is a great way to cause injuries.
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    I think the problem may be that you're panicking. If he gets you in that position again then stay calm and don't tap out straight away. He's only 11 years old, you should be able to lift up his arms no matter how exhausted you are. Once you've done that, look him dead in the eyes and tell him that Santa Claus does not exist. He will be so upset and distracted by this news, that you can take him by surprise and win the fight!

    No, but seriously. Stay calm and assess the situation. You have 2 arms free to defend yourself, use them. Don't let yourself be out-muscled by someone half your size!

    I think most adults, new or not, know to not go as hard. It's sort of like sparring with a woman, you know not to be too physical. Not that all women are weaker than men mind you. There was a 6'4 woman who used to go to our gym!

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