4 Months in and I Still Lose Every Match

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by richardd, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Dead_pool

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    So to start fixing this you need to be able to

    1) Learn how to pull and maintain a closed guard (hips high, feet pointing down, not too tight)

    2) a) When they break it, how to start an open guard game before they pass around. (If you keep one foot on each side of their body, and on each side of your body its a good start)
    b) as they pass, but before they get to side control how to regain your open guard, (think shrimping - bridge, hip escape, shoulder escape, spin, replace guard)
    c) the mouth cupping was probably to get you to extend your arms , it a bit of a dirty trick, if your ever in a bad position, you can always bait a submission and use that to help you escape, BUT you can just dig yourself a bigger hole sometimes with that approach.
  2. Dunc

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    I would really focus on your defences to start with, I feel it's good to build up from a strong defence

    Elbows in, blocking chokes, taking the pressure off etc - if you're in a bad place then learn how to get (somewhat) comfortable

    Then look to see if you can go from being tapped 4 times in 15 mins to 3, then 2 then 1. That's a good measure of improvement
  3. richardd

    richardd New Member

    Thank you! I've been told these sort of things a million times already but I somehow never manage to implement it. I think I'm a bad student!

    I think he was doing the mouth cupping as a submission move or to disrupt breathing. I couldn't breathe at all towards the end which sucks because I have asthma.

    I don't usually tap out 4 times, I think this is the record actually since the first couple of weeks. It's usually just 1 or 2 tap outs. But yeah, defense is an area I struggle with. Will have to try and improve it.
  4. Dead_pool

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    learning how to fight is always difficult, trust me, everyone feels this way, keep on with it, it gets better!
  5. richardd

    richardd New Member

    Thanks, man. Maybe this is a bad idea but I'm going to choose the kid to spar with again in today's lesson and try to focus on the defenses I've hopefully learnt.
  6. Dead_pool

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    its not a bad idea, but remember your defenses wont be 100% yet, take solace in small wins, you dont climb a ladder all at once!

    If he's going to be your measuring stick try once a week!
  7. richardd

    richardd New Member

    My defenses were worse than last time! I tapped out more than last time as well. I tried the defense against the mount but it wasn't working and couldn't remove the mouth cupping at all.

    I think all the other taps were various types of leg chokes. He had a lot of leg strength but I think it was mostly technique, or lack-of technique from me in defense again. It's getting pretty frustrating, should I increase the lessons to 3 times a week or something? Is 2 lessons enough to improve quickly in your experience?
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  8. kandi

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    Martial arts is a long term game. It is going to take years to get proficient, and decades to master it. Some people make initial quick gains, but after a few years you really learn who is in it for the long haul and who isn't.

    I train three to four times a week and find it a great balance - YMMV. Hang in there, and keep asking questions, stay humble, and pay attention.
  9. Dead_pool

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    If you havnt physically practised the defences before rolling with someone who beat you before, that is to be expected!

    high mount is a very dominant position, the easiest way to defend it, is by stopping the guard pass, and the best way to do that is by having a strong and technical guard pull and closed guard game!

    training more obviously helps, but try to vary your opponants as much as possible, you need variety to practise things well!
  10. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Pretty much this; I'd say.
    In theory I know quite some nice techniques, but I'd never be able to actually do them at the moment :D
  11. ToddSchweinhart

    ToddSchweinhart Valued Member

    Good points from the others but a few things to add.

    With only 4 months in you are still pretty new to the art. Survival should be what you are focusing on for now. I emphasize this to all of my students as well. The longer you can survive the more chances you will have to change position. This would include just keeping your elbows and chin down and arms close to you. Make it a challenge to yourself to just avoid submissions and not start trying to do what you think is correct for now. Make it a game to yourself to last longer each roll.

    Lasting longer will also force you to work on your breathing, staying calm and it will eventually increase your stamina.

    Don't worry about what your opponent is doing, just worry about what you are doing. As others have said already, afterward don't compare yourself to them, compare yourself to who you were when you first started.

    Always ask for others help! Ask the younger guy what you might be able to do to help to defend against specific attacks. Ask anyone else willing to help as well.

    Keep at it! Over time you will improve. That is the real secret! More mat time equals better performance so don't give up.

    Todd Schweinhart
    Yoshin Dojo
  12. richardd

    richardd New Member

    Thanks to all who answered.

    I think losing to this kid has made me realise how effective BJJ actually is, if a kid can win this easily then it must be the real deal. I'll stick at it, hopefully improve within a couple of months or so.

    I think that was more of my approach the first time round and then the second I tried experimenting more. So I tapped 4 times the first time round and then 7 yesterday which is pretty horrendous considering my previous worst was 3! I'll vary training partners and hopefully see some improvements.
  13. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Also don't focus so much on his age.

    After I did Judo for a few months I rolled with a 12-years old.
    He didn't manage to submit me, but only because I could hold up due to being stronger and heavier - otherwise he would have had me with an absolute beginner move.
    EDIT: And he did something wrong as well, which probably didn't help him. I remember my teacher explaining him something about this move, where he was wrong.

    I don't know what would have happened, if we had kept rolling together, but we switched partners shortly after ^^
  14. philosoraptor

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    Try not to count how many times you tap out. If you're experimenting with your guard passing and get tapped out 25 times in a round you'll still learn more than if you try to just lock everything down and turtle for 5 minutes. It's a learning experience, think of it as playing around with stuff.
  15. Pretty In Pink

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    Yeah, switch the mentality. Not so much "I got tapped". A better measure would be "I didn't get passed for x seconds, let's see if I can go for longer".
  16. Dead_pool

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    Trying to escape means you WILL make mistakes, but thats how we learn, its a balance between staying tight and safe for now, and trying to escape so we can be safe for the rest of the round.

    vary your partners, vary your approach, vary you goals, you cant climb a ladder by faulting to the top, its a rung by rung approach!
  17. richardd

    richardd New Member

    I'm currently learning chess alongside BJJ and I think I'm beginning to understand the comparisons that I've heard people make between the strategies.

    It's hard not to. The high mount, from what I've been told, is usually done by the stronger and heavier opponents. So it can be ego crushing to get put it in by someone so young and then tap out to a simple mouth cupping.
  18. Dead_pool

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  19. Skiptowncat

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    Don't forget that learning this art isn't a linear progression. You will all of a sudden start putting things together and make a huge leap...and then be stuck there for months and may even feel you are getting worse. In the long term the level will be going up though.

    I have just got back to the mats after a couple of months off due to an operation, got absolutely destroyed...it was so good though!!
  20. Dead_pool

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