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Discussion in 'MMA' started by faster than you, May 21, 2006.

  1. faster than you

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    in boxing there is a 10 point system for scoring rounds as there is is mma. however, boxing only has striking, but mma has striking, ground, and a much more intricate and complicated clinch. why not score each round in 30 point increments: 10 for ground, 10 for striking, and 10 for clinch? such a system might better serve mma.
  2. kmguy8

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    your kidding right?
  3. NewLearner

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    A hypothetical fight might be one similiar to the one between Josh and Tate in TUF3. Josh was clearly the better striker while Tate did far better in the clinch and on the ground. Your system would have decided that fight in Tate's favor instead of Josh who won.

    But what if the fight is 90% stand up fighting with only one clinch and one time going to the ground for 30 seconds. The person who did the best in that standup section should be the winner. It was the vast majority of the fight and the clinch and ground parts were obviously ineffective. Yet your system would guarantee the person that had a 30 second takedown and a single clinch with a kick or two thrown would win by a landslide.
  4. Sever

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    I don't necessarily think the UFC needs to abandon the 10-point must system, they just need judges who understand what's happening on the ground - ie, not boxing judges. As for your system, it could potentially work in theory, but it would be very hard to implement in practise
    As for Pride, they've got a system that they like, the only problem with that is occasionally partisan judges. I'd argue that their system (judging the fight as a whole with emphasis on effort to finish rather than points for rounds) probably works better in MMA, but it's not flawless either, especially if someone's not doing so well during the whole fight but finishes very strongly and takes the win
  5. TheMadhoose

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    Regardless of what way you score a competition there will always be those who opose it.So i guess its all a case of we know what we like and like what we know.
  6. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    i also prefer the pride system for scoring.
  7. Garibaldi

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    Here's a thread I started on the subject about a year ago (didn't go too far though...)

    I absolutely agree with Faster Than You. (although not his suggested scoring system) The majority of poor decisions in MMA come from the failure of the 10 points system and the inability of applying a single-aspect scoring system to a multi-aspect sport

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