3 lucky youngsters!

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Pugil, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Pugil

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    Three lucky youngsters have been given the chance to represent Great Britain in Reunion Island (in the Indian Ocean) later this year.

    They will fly from Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday 7th November and arrive on Reunion on Tuesday 8th November.

    The following four days, from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th November, the girls will have a chance to train and take part in a friendly international Savate competition, see the sights, swim in the Tropical ocean and see the fish amongst the coral reef, before they fly back to Paris on Sunday 13th.

    I should mention that all expenses will be paid, i.e. Flights and all other travel from Paris to Reunion and back again, all accommodation and meals (just like they were for the GBSF Canne de Combat team that went to Reunion some months ago). The only cost for the girls is the Eurostar to Paris from Waterloo and back again.

  2. kickboxingidiot

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    Reunion iusland is neighbour to my native mauritius

    Who are the girls? I may know them
  3. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    I doubt you'll know them...

    I think you must have misunderstood me. The three girls are British, based here at my school in Cambridge. They are due to represent Great Britain on Reunion Island as guests of the Reunion Savate federation.

    Did you know Johnny Catherine from Reunion island?

  4. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    i didnt misunder stand you
    what are the girls names?
    i know a few girls doing martial arts at cambridge uni
  5. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    They're not at Cambridge University

    There are now two girls and one lad - one of the girls now can't go. As they are all aged 15 they are not at Cambridge University, they train at Cambridge Academy of Martial ArtsĀ® (CAMA) http://www.cambridgemartialarts.com

    Do you know anyone doing Savate with Cambridge University Kickboxing Society, or training with us at the Academy?

  6. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    Isnt Holly Mason (blonde haired girl) trainign with you guys in savate?
  7. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth


    Yes, Holly Scott-Mason did indeed train with us last term, and I'm hoping that she'll be back again this term too. Holly made the Great Britain University team that went to Lille to compete in the first ever Student World Championships.

    Although she didn't place, she caught the eye of several people who said that she has the potential to be really good, providing that she is prepared to work hard.

  8. savateuse

    savateuse Valued Member

    It's one of the really good aspects of Savate... opportunities to train and compete all round the world, cultural exchanges, and often help with costs of travel or accommodation! They should have a great time!

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