24 fighting chickens?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by kerling, Apr 21, 2004.

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    24 Fighting Chickens

    I didn't always agree with Rob Redmonds views but it was a great site.
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    why did he do it?
    Incidentally, I have most of his articles archived to my hard disk (I didn't get the more recent mu stuff- I prefer the old-style herecy...)
    Drop me a PM if you're interested.
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    Rob was a man full of anger toward karate...it was a love hate relationship. :woo:
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    There are different interpretations of Rob Redmonds motives or attitude or whatever you want to call it.
    Many times I feel they are misinterpretations that come from not thoroughly reading through the site, including the old threads and "complete" disscussions.

    Rob's site provided much information about Shotokan karate and it was presented according to JKA standards. However he didn't sugar coat anything. He, which I find commendable, also provided the flip side of the coin. He dispelled myths and money making schemes, misunderstood techniques, translation flaws etc. This enables the potential student to make an educated dicission on his chioice of schools. What's wrong with having questions when you purchase a product?

    As far as him being angry.....maybe, but maybe not angry in a sence that he is bitter towards karate. Angry when people come into the forums to spout nonsense or run schools that promote all the unproven dogma, promote money sucking organizations or worse teach things that don't work and have no basis in physics.

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    Sounds like the name of a cheesy 70's kung fu film.
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    I read most of the articles over there a while back, and yes he was bitter but also very honest.

  9. Andy Murray

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    I last looked at that site probably a year ago.

    Shotokan is not my thing, but that site was a valuable resource I'm sure many will come to miss.

    Very sad. :(
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    When you consider all the BS out there claiming one art does this, can do this, will allow you to do this...his site offers balance, gets you thinking and talks about things you probably would never think about. To be honest I've been in and out of about 15 arts including Karate styles and he hits somethings right on the button. However, it does have a negative bitter tone. Still, I appreciate the fact that he does not remain silent about some of the pitfalls, ridiculous claims and schools/systems that drag you along until you have the confidence or insight to question what you have been learning.

    Bottom line, as I wrote, it offers balance to a never ending onslaught of absurd claims and practices. Required reading. Especially for the young out there who have been exposed to the Charlie's Angels, Matrix, and Alias culture.
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    My last visit was several months ago. I think its because he siad it somewhere in the site that he was going to write a book. Maybe he closed down the site to avoid copyright problems.
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    That's to bad, that site had tons of info.
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    ... which is still available, for a consideration, from me :)

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