2012 Pan Am stats

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    Here is a link to a very interesting breakdown of the techniques used in the Pan Ams this year. All you stats geeks out there should get a kick out of it. Some interesting highlights:

    • Armbars were the most common submission
    • De La Riva guard was the most successful position from which to initiate sweeps
    • The first person to score won 82% of the time
    • 77% of submissions occurred from the top

    Overall, an interesting overview! Now the science nerd in me is inspired to keep track of things like this for local competitions too...
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    Interesting! There was a great little article in Jiu Jitsu Magazine regarding exactly this type of data.... A quick flip turned up the article:

    An Introduction to Strategy and Tactics in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    by Daniel Faggella
    Page 94, Oct/Nov issue 2011

    but there was another one - I'll have to dig through the stack of them kicking around. Very interesting topic... and a good amount to do with sports psychology as well!

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