2011 Black Belt Mag Hall of Fame

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  1. Thomas

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    2011 Hall of Fame (Black Belt Magazine)
    Ted Wong - Honorary Award
    Raymond Daniels - Competitor of the Year
    Tim Larkin - Self Defense Instructor of the Year
    Julius Melegrito - Weapons Instructor of the Year
    Wally Jay - Honorary Award
    Tim Kennedy - MMA Fighter of the Year

    Not a bad list overall. They went with sketches of the honorees instead of photos... personally, I would have preferred photos.
  2. Kuma

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    Admittedly I was disappointed with the Tim Larkin bit. They've usually had some good selections but come on now. Guy dances around the fact that he "underwent SEAL training" but was really a BUD/S washout. And over a ruptured eardrum? During OIF I my right eardrum got ruptured. Did it suck? Yes, but within a few weeks it healed. You have SEALs graduating from BUD/S with broken bones, hernias, and Lord knows what else. Cop-out is all it is. And TFT is crap in my opinion, just looks like SCARS. And SCARS is what started all this "learn to kill in 2 days" hyped-up secret commando ads in all the MA magazines.

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