2008 Euro Championship

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    Hello All!

    I wanted to say what a great tournament that was, lots of people worked really hard to make it work and well done to them!

    I also wanted to tell all the women I competed with in the 1st Dan division what a lovely buch they are! Was totaly blown away by not just their level of professionalism but the sense of team they all brought. All of you did a wonderful job. The girl that got Gold in techniques was brilliant. The girl that won Staff was so good! There was another blonde girl that was doing techniques with one of the men from 1st dan div, her techniques looked so sharp, I learned from her as well.

    There was one girl that didn't finish her sword form, I was gutted for her because up to that moment when she probably got thrown off by how close the crowd was to her blade, she was brilliant, really a fabulous form. That's how it should be you want those around you to do well.

    To everyone who competed, I hope you all came away with an excitement to get back to class and work and maybe be more bold. Most of all I hope you all made new friends.
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    Glad you had a good time, FC, and congrats on your grand champ. beware though, kings lynn are after the flag next year. :)

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