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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by iamraisen, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member

    This is my routine for the new year. Feel free to comment etc if you see anything horrible :p
    On each of the main lifting days i have one major compound exercise which are, in my eyes, the key exercises (marked with a 'K'). These are followed by supplementary exercises which have various aims. Ive tried to keep things very simple.


    Deadlift (K)
    Farmers Walks
    Bar hangs


    Front press (K)


    Squats (K)
    Bicep Curls

    Sunday is the day where i do something different. Partly for fun and party to put the gains to practice in a different and, usually, whole body lift. Each Sunday of the month i will vary the lift i do.

    1st Sunday Clean and Press / Clean and Jerk
    2nd Sunday Overhead Squats
    3rd Sunday One clean and press or snatches with either BB or DB's
    4th Sunday Funky Lifting e.g Sandbag training, the Bear, log lifting or car pushing

    Cardio work goes as follows

    Monday- Climbing
    Tuesday- Sprint intervals
    Wednesday- Bagwork
    Thursday- Hill Sprints
    Friday- Climbing
    Sunday- Bagwork

    i have saturdays off completely.
  2. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    well it was looking good,...till i saw the i have saturdays off part! :D :p

    im no expert, but it looks good to me, lots of variety and all things covered. Nice one.
  3. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    It looks good. i'd do GPP work on sunday, but that's just me
  4. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    Yup, it looks good. Give it a go.
  5. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member

    Cheers for the advice. I must admit that i did notice the lack of GPP myself but thought that i'd try and get away with it :p

    I may slip some in between rounds during bag work sessions.
  6. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    With your combination of cardio and olympic lifts your GPP should be covered.
  7. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member


    climbing is very GPP based for both the upper and lower body.

    thanks guys. i started this week so will let you all know how its gone in a few months :)
  8. Achilles

    Achilles Valued Member

    Sorry if this is a noob question but i have heard GPP mentioned a few times, what is it?
  9. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    GPP=general physical preparedness. It's basically conditioning. Check out a search on google or over at t-nation for more info.
  10. Achilles

    Achilles Valued Member

    Ok thx I will search it.

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