2 Day Strength and Conditioning plan for BJJ and Wrestling

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    Hi guys looking for some feedback on my plan, I am a 24 year old male, weight 70kg. The goal of this programme is general physical prep for training and competing in Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as building a strength base that will allow me to move on to more specific power and speed training for competition.Working up to Dan Johns strength standards of a 1xBW Bench, 1.5XBW Front Squat and 2xBW Deadlift as a marker for when a decent strength level for a combat sport athlete has been reached.

    I have replaced the big 3 lifts with as many joint friendly alternatives as possible and will use mostly bodyweight exercises for assistance to make my time in the weight room the least taxing on my sport specific training as possible. I have also bagged overhead pressing on the recommendation of coaches like Defranco and Joel Jamieson.

    Day 1

    Warm Up : 5 Minutes on Treadmill/Agile 8

    Explosive: Medicine Ball Overhead Slam 30 contacts

    Main Lifts : Front Squat 5/3/1
    Bench Press 5/3/1
    (4 way Neck resistance band isometrics in between sets)

    Assistance : Chin Ups 3x8 - 12 (will use different grips for each set mainly pull up, neutral and towl/thick bar for some grip work)
    Ab Wheel Rollouts 3x8-12
    Sliding Leg Curl > Body Curl progression 3x8 - 12

    Conditioning: Alactic sprints Power focous 8 weeks out from competition, Capacity focus from 4 weeks out.

    Day 2

    Warm Up: Treadmill/Agile 8

    Explosive : Lateral Medicine Ball Wall Throws 30 Contacts
    Main Lifts : Hex Bar Deadlift 5/3/1
    Defranco Shoulder Shocker
    (4 way Neck resistance band isometrics in between sets)

    Assistance: Dips 3x8-12
    Seated Cable Row 3x8-12(will programme in and out grip/grip trainers variation for extra grip work)
    Single Leg Split Squat 3x8-12

    Conditioning: Alactic Sprints

    Any replies are appreciated.
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    Icefield's the one to ask regarding sport specificity, but at first glance nothing looks out of place (even though I have an instinctive virulently hateful reaction to exclusion of the overhead press :p)
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    I know man you feel like such a badass doing them as well :p but I have pretty defined shoulders simply from grappling so I always kind of feel like im pushing my luck with OHP. I may use landmine press instead of shoulder shocker, I know its not a substitute but there is still an eleminate of pressing overhead.

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