1954 Macau: Tai Chi vs White Crane

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by imperial_guardz, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. imperial_guardz

    imperial_guardz Master In Training

    I've heard of a great fight between two masters in Macau 1954.
    It was between a Tai Chi Master and a White Crane Master...
    I'm greatly interested...can someone give me some more info...such as what it was about, the outcome, how the fight went...etc...

    Better yet...is there a video out anywhere online?

  2. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Syd found this link. It doesn't work on some computers, but if you go somewhere with a high-speed connection it should be ok.


    It's actually a real disappointment. They had so many restrictions placed on them for the fight that they could hardly do anything. Ends up looking like a couple of schoolkids having a scrap.
  3. Kat

    Kat Valued Member

    I think a lot of fights end up looking like this.:D
  4. surgingshark

    surgingshark Valued Member

    That fight was so.........sad...
  5. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Looks like two people trying to box, who don't know how to box. Looks to me like a decent amateur boxer would have flattened either of them. Guess the chi wasn't flowing that day.
  6. Trent Tiemeyer

    Trent Tiemeyer Valued Member

    It looked like the clip of those two cyclists fighting. Windmill punches, zero form, etc.

    Why did they have to sweeten the sound of the strikes? There were obvious misses that had a nice clapping sound.
  7. littlebird

    littlebird New Member

    Best to be cautious.

    The sparrow doesn't fear the net until it trips, nor the tiger the pit until he falls. They just don't understand at first.

    Take care grasshoppers. That mist might be bugspray.
  8. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Littlebird - Step AWAY from those little pills dude :p
  9. Trent Tiemeyer

    Trent Tiemeyer Valued Member

    Or just break them in half and share.:)
  10. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    WTF is up with that fight?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? someone explain to me how that's even kung-fu...those guys fought like sissies...
  11. Sub zero

    Sub zero Valued Member

    are you sure theyweren't just poeple picked up off the street................actually no the fight would have been more vicous.
  12. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    It was a charity event, acording to the subtitles. This type of thing was (still is?) common iin that region. It's like pro/celebrity golf tournements in that it's for fun rather than title or honour.

    They were being very sporting, almost refereeing themselves in their anxiety to not offend.

    Well, that's how I read it.

  13. wang

    wang New Member

    Maybe they just never had a fight beofre?
  14. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    even still....a person who has never fought before with decent strength could've probably whooped both their butts...at the same time! they had no center/balance, their guards were down the WHOLE time...that's a good invitation of a muay thai KICK to the FACE!
  15. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    Well although that was a sorry display from two masters of CMA.There were some kung fu techniques in that clip.If you know your basics in kung fu?

    You will see alot of them in there.

    They just were'nt done very well!:(

    I saw some breaking and entering techniques displayed in that clip.None of them connected or were used at the right time?:confused: .........but they were in there.

  16. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    what? the hammer fist looking strikes? those were sissy girl punches...and he was air boxing half the time...might as well be fighting an imaginary foe...even then he'd probably still manage to lose.....
  17. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun

    Like i said.

    I never said they were done correct or had a chance in hell of landing.But they were there.

    There were several Choy Lay Fut type strikes used by one of the two men.He did'nt know how to use them because he used them in free air :rolleyes:

    .............but he did use them. :confused:

  18. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Well I spose with enough wild swings some of them will end up looking like real MA moves.

    Monkeys and typewriters anyone?
  19. jmd161

    jmd161 Hak Fu Mun


    You know that statement is very true.But there is a difference between some of his wild swinging and and trying to use a technique.It's easy for everyone to pick apart that clip and talk about what it looks like.

    Anybody even a person with no training can tear down a clip.But someone that knows techniques can see technique no matter how bad it looks or how sloppy it was applied.

    Many ppl know martial arts all over the world.But why is it that when most fight it looks like wild swinging or kickboxing?

    It's because ppl do what come natural to them.If you do not practice or train to a point where your techniques become part of you.Then you're going to return to what comes natural in a fight.Not the techniques you were taught.

  20. crumpet

    crumpet Valued Member

    that clip has been done to death on every imaginable kf forum on the www! that white crane is tibetan white crane, and alot of their strikes are long range swings. and yeh it was a charity event with lots of rules. that was 50yrs ago (plenty of time to improve), chan hak fu is close to 100 and i'm not sure if the other man is deceased or not.

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