10 Techniques I can fight with...

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Kiyoshi's Dad, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. UFC_JIM

    UFC_JIM New Member

    more usefull ones

    all muay thai elbows
    wing chun blocks and parries
    harai goshi, like a hooked hip throw (judo)
    russian sambo knife defences (no arms)
    an inner thigh kick,
    single wing choke hold,
    and a snap and go manoeuvre to be used with multiple assailants russian combat sambo (special forces)
    capoeira style kicks (hands touvhing floor for balance and gives more power)
    an aspect of wing chun's evasive steps

    not exactly techniques but effective (not the breaks) in competition fighting and in street situations, i created my own hybrid style of martial arts which is effective and usable when under the influence of alcohol.

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  2. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike New Member

    TigerMoth, you must train Parker? What association?
    those techniques are the same as mine, names and order. Refreshing.

    I don't find too many people here that go by that...they seem to be more traditional.

    Anyway, for the ten different techniques to be listed, I would need ten different attacks, since each technique would most likely be in defense of a particular attack, and not having four favorite techniques for say a left round punch.

    whoops, jsut saw how old this thread was...sorry for the resurrection...I have no life I guess :D
  3. Tigermoth

    Tigermoth New Member

    Yup you're right

    We do Ed Parker Kenpo through IKCA just like you :) . So we do 60 techniques. I know you said you'd need specific attacks but you have to have favorites or ones you're more proficient in. My instructor asks questions like this all of the time. He likes to challenge us and get us thinking. He's even given us research assingments. There's also no harm in resurrecting an old thread either if you can learn something new from it.
  4. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike New Member

    very cool...how far are you in the system?

    I graduate blue on the 26th of this month.

    right now, my favorites have to be:

    Left Punch: raking hammer, triple kick
    right punch: trapped lightning, circling serpent
    bear hug front: thrusting release, clapping tiger
    rear bear hug: escaping ram, otherwise I like to upset balance and flip.
    kick: hooking thunder, or grab leg and pull in for soemthing very bad :woo:
    hammer lock: captured wing
    shoulder grab/sucker punch setup: hidden wing

    the punches listed are mostly in the case of straight punches, for round, I use raking hammer, returning serpent, and thunder and lightning...all on both sides

    otherwise for things like headlocks, shoots, or attempted throws, I like to simply deflect and throw, which isn't something kenpo deals with a whole lot, but it's more of an individual thing.

  5. Tigermoth

    Tigermoth New Member

    Oh Yeah!

    I'm 3rd brown should be 2nd brown soon.

    Oh if we're talking favorites that's another story.
    Most effective favorite would have to be attacking warrior for me, just because I really understand its applications. We use it in sparring practice. Funnest favorite is definitly stinging butterfly because I like jump kicks. I think it would be hard to do really accurately and could be blocked fairly easily, but it's still fun. I like hooking thunder too. I had a junior student argue that it wouldn't actually work. Lets just say I proved him wrong. I think he has a new appreciation for leg grabs. I didn't hurt him, just "lernt him sumpn" ;) .

    I was going to give you some advice for your test but it sounds like you have it covered. I don't know if you've started working on green techs yet but my advice on that is: from the beginning look for the differences in Gathering the dragon and Up the Circle, practice this part of the master form a lot it starts getting confusing :confused: , and Broken Lightning is a tough one :eek: .
    From your list it sounds like you enjoy the more challenging techniques so you should like green stuff.
    Good luck on that blue test though. :D
  6. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike New Member

    thank you.

    Stinging butterfly is definitely a fun technique, although I still weigh 280lbs, so jump kicks aren't really my forte'.

    AS for the leg grab :D I use it all the time in sparring...my partners almost never kick anymore :cool: there is one brown belt, who is testing for black very soon, who likes to use the crescent and quick kick in a flurry which up till about 6mos ago was unstoppable against others...then I got him...every time :eek:
    I humble another black belt by taking his sparring boot off every time he kicks...kinda wastes the time, but it is a lesson to be learned.

    Do you also have "endings"to your techniques? Specifically the required ones that you must learn?
  7. andrewS

    andrewS Banned Banned


    Double leg takedown
    Tripping takedown from double underhooks.

    A guard
    Escapes from underneath in the mount

    I reckon that's enough against the average joe, I don't expect them to know side control, knee-ride or anything like that. Hmm, but no hooks/body rips which is a shame :( And, how could I forget no sprawl?

    nope, 10 techniques isn't enough for me.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2005
  8. oni_sensei

    oni_sensei Valued Member

    1. Rear Naked Choke.
    2. Sidestep.
    3. Cross.
    4. Hook.
    5. Dollyo Chagi (Roundhouse).
    6. Yop Chagi (Side Kick).
    7. Seoi/Ippon Seoi Nage.
    8. Japanese Armbar.
    9. Ridgehand.
    10. Kote Gaeshi.
  9. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    1 roundhouse
    2 ude gatame
    3 hadake jime
    4 jab
    5 cross
    6 hook
    7 kubi nage/tai otoshi
    8 juji gatame
    9 morote seoi-nage
    10 ahsi-kubi gatame to half-boston crab
  10. Tigermoth

    Tigermoth New Member

    Opened a can of worms

    See how good it can be to revive an old thread. You learn all kinds of new things. You may not know what they mean but they sound really cool. What's a half-boston crab, and what's a rear naked choke :confused: ?

    Yes, Mr. Mike we do have alternate endings. Probably once or twice a month he goes over all kinds of possibilities and asks us what would work with this, or what else could you do here, how could you blend and borrow. Lately we've been adding one extra strike to most of our techniques when we work on the dummy, or when we use a weapon.

    Do ya'll do the line drill and the semi-circle drill?
  11. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike New Member

    a can of worms indeed

    rear naked choke:


    yeah, we do the line and semi-circle drills...one I have been having alot of fun with is the mass attack drill, where you are attacked randomly by as many as 20 people and you don't need set techniques...just what works...borrowing, improvising, etc.
  12. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Straight or Sweeping Elbow Strike
    Sao Choy (diagonal overhead strike)
    Gwa Choy (sweeping backfist)
    Bil Jong (can't explain)
  13. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    this is a half boston crab

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  14. samuri-man

    samuri-man New Member

    hip throw

    and the walls of jerico

    i'm not sure if that's legal
  15. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    this is a walls of jericho

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  16. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike New Member

    the walls of jericho...in a fight? Please say you're kidding.
  17. samuri-man

    samuri-man New Member

    it could work (in a radical case)
  18. ZKenpo

    ZKenpo New Member

    What a hard choice, I guess if I had to chose my favorite "Old Bessy" they would be...in no particular order

    1 Leaping Crane
    2 Attacking Mace
    3 Five Swords
    4 Reversing Mace
    5 Deflecting Hammer/Thrusting Salute.....tie
    6 the bear and the Ram
    7 Parting winngs/Hooking Wings....tie
    8 Detour from Doom
    9 Circling Fans/Protecting Fans....tie
    10 Deceptive Panther

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