10 Techniques I can fight with...

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Kiyoshi's Dad, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Tribalweapon

    Tribalweapon Valued Member

    I don't know the names to alot of these so bear with me.

    Arm lock palm thrust from straight grab
    backfist sweep
    armbar from guard
    left right combo from mount(ground and pound)
    rear leg roundhouse
    spinning side kick
    straight punch to body
    left leg front thrust kick
    upper elbow
    arm trapping headbutt(can't be used in sparring but works fairly well in self defense)

    Like I said, I either don't know or can't remember the proper names for these moves
  2. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    The initial block is across the body and down, more of a re-direct than a hard block of the hook. if I mis-time it and miss the palm heel, the forearm covers it... the scond one is rising under the atackers arm, again if my aim is off the forearm makes the deflection. Thansk for the advice, I see what you mean aobut gettign fingers smashed, but these aren;t hard blocks with the wrist and hand...
  3. d33pthought

    d33pthought New Member

    Do combos count?

    If they do, I'd like to perfect the:
    Roundhouse/back roundhouse
    Shin block/hook kick(same leg)
    Jumping roundhouse (I always kill my hip when I try this one)
    Blocking/evading a side kick or front kick
    Hook kick/back hook kick
    Getting in close enough to a kicker to give a good right cross
    Block, knee, and sweep (it's a 1-step)
    Pretty much every wrist/arm lock

    um..I just noticed this was on the kenpo forum..oh well

    last one would have to be hitting a nazgul in the face with a burning stick at 50 feet.
  4. Kiyoshi's Dad

    Kiyoshi's Dad New Member

    now were on track

    Kenpo David hit it right on the head. Kenpo SDTs are designed to end to fight. thanks David.

    and yes combos do count.

    think about a certain attack, lets say a "right round house punch" to the face. how would you defend against this type of attack? remember you need to end the confrontation quickly because he may not be alone.

    what techniques would you use to put him down and out?
  5. hapkidofighter

    hapkidofighter Valued Member

    i think- if i had ten techniques to use- that were perfect- id try to keep it pretty simple but good techniques
    hip throw
    shoulder throw
    front kick
    side kick
    round house kick
    spin back kick
    cresent kick
  6. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    I'didn't undertand you were talking about re-directing the force. That may work bery well, if someone is capable to do it when he should.
  7. d33pthought

    d33pthought New Member

    we did a onestep against hooks to the face today..kinda like the 'Oh **** I'm About to Get Beat' drill. Basically, you sidestep in, and block/grab the punching wrist. Then you grab the punching fist, turn it over, and step under that arm's elbow to break it over your shoulder.

    Or, if you're a slow mofo like me, you could always block/sidestep as above, and chop to the neck or collar bone. That should do it also.
  8. Indestructible

    Indestructible New Member

    1 Right inward chop block,floating right foot, hips turning left.
    2 right chop to the throat, left heel palm to the chin, hips turning right.
    3 right sword hand to the solar plexus, hips turning left, floating foot sets down.
    4 left hand eye gouge, left foot cross-stepping behind right.
    5 right chop to the back of the neck, unwinding from cross-step into hard bow. 6. right heel hook to face on his way down.
  9. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    We have anumber of techniques for this basic attack (addressing different variables). One of my favorite we refer to as "Number Three" (no that would not make a good heavy metal song title :( )

    Step left foot to outside and forward, while re-directing the punch to your right with a left cross-body parry. Under that left hand parry, strike to attacker's rigth side short ribs with a vertical punch. (this much I've been able to do against fully resisting opponent :D)
    Now, with the left hand, after the parry, contour the left hand up to the attacker's right shoulder and grab their shoulder or upper arm. As you pull downward, strike to the temple with rigth vertical punch, follow-through this strike to reach the attacker's opposite shoulder (their left) with your right hand.
    Now, step back with your right foot, twisting the attacker's shoulders to throw them onto their back at your feet. Finally, strike straight down into theri solar plexus (or other favorite target).
  10. Kiyoshi's Dad

    Kiyoshi's Dad New Member

    getting good now

    It's getting good now. Real creative Self Defense Techniques.

    Let's do another. The attack is a 'right kick to your groin'.
  11. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Well, this one I have just learned...

    step back with right foot with a downward x-block (oh no! not an x-block! LOL). bring hands up and seperate them outwards, raking the face of the attacker. Circle both hands back inwards and jab thumbs into eyes of attacker. Right front kick to groin or solar plexus.

    I just learned it so I'm not real tight on the practicality or the finer points...
  12. mcraigchr

    mcraigchr New Member


    I'm just a pup in Kenpo (Orange Belt), but my favorite technique that will actually work is call Triggered Salute.

    Of course, depending on the situation, you may only get as far as the first move, which is simply brilliant. Most fights (in my experience) start with a one handed push. Statisically speaking, a right push.

    Trap the attackers hand with your left hand, step forward with your right leg, at the same time extend your right arm and hand where your palm is facing upward. Let the persons push rotate your right shoulder forward.

    WHAP! Under the chin with a palm heal and you use no personal force whatsoever. The force of his push just made him bite through his tounge or, if hard enough, he is spitting teeth.

    There is more to the technique. In most cases, this is the end of the fight.

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  13. EarthElement

    EarthElement New Member

    I'm just curious, how do you go about doing all of this in the half a second the push takes place? Do you grab him as hes pushing you or while hes pulling back his arms back to resting position?
  14. mcraigchr

    mcraigchr New Member

    I thought the same thing. A push is usually slow. In the experience I have had, the push is more of an intimidation technique than an assault. The attacker simply wants to have his hands on you and be in your space. But to answer your question more directly, the process I described goes quickly. As soon as the attackers hand touches your shoulder you trap it with your left hand, then step forward with arm out and palm up letting the force of his push (borrowed force) rotate your shoulders and hips.

    It works wonderfully. If you aren't comfortable going to the inside of an attack, you can stay on the outside with variations of other techniques. i.e. Thundering Hammers, Crashing Wings. All very effective and usually after the first hit, the fight is over.

  15. jasonservis

    jasonservis Avid crosstrainer

    seen this one couple days ago had to think it over better late then never I guess
    top 10 techniques

    sweeps/varies on situation
    wrist minipulation
    armlock(crossed type )
    elbow strike
    palm block/ use to redirect mainly
    dragon tail throw
    knife hand

    be forgiving I'm only a yellow belt
    Iprefer a more aikido type stance over all so far, but
    do pivot and drop into a looooow horseriding stance
  16. getgoin

    getgoin Idiot Savant

    Aggression of steal toed boot in groin, A and B
    Dance of steal toed boot, A and B
    Winds of bat, A and B
    Loeb of distruction A and B
    Key filled throat A and B
    Dance of the 45 A and B
    Ramming Dodge 1500 A and B

    A is for standing opponents
    B is for when the person is down or out, either way.
  17. ninjas-r-us

    ninjas-r-us I sit under your tea

    the one move i have won more sparres with than anything else is

    nanan!!!! back kick!!!it never fails try bocking a train hitting you
  18. kickass

    kickass I AM THE 11th COMMANDMENT

    back kicks

    oh man, i love and hate back kicks. love them cuz they're powerful and hate them cuz i broke my arm trying to block a back kick (i was so ****ed at myself, i couldnt believe i let it happen :eek: )
    anyway, if i had to choose 10 techniques:

    1) jab --speed
    2) reverse --power
    3) front kick stepping forward
    4) side kick/ skip side kick
    5) hook, backfist combo
    6) jack knives
    7) exploder
    8) bicycle kick
    9) knee to the face --ouch--
    10) hook kick to the temple
  19. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    Thanks a lot. As a boxer I would advise you not to block a hook with the wrist/or hand (if you want to keep your fingers that is , + is very difficult to catch it with so small curfaice area - your wrist.) We just lift the elbow and the hitter hurts a lot more , if not break something...

    ouch... I learnt that hard way man, hard way... most people in MA learn hook not unlike in boxing... they hav so much distance b/w their elbow n body while hooking, they r easy to catch... but boxer hooks are close, ur elbow never looses ur chest touch still hits the other person :D,
    moreover a good hook will be hidden b/w ur coolest movees ;) (aint' that truth for every cool moves).

    anyways I wont go for top 10 techniques.
    give me, Hook, roundhouse, jab and stomping,

    techniques reminded me of old post I made its intresting, so I m bringing that up again
  20. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    My favourites;
    1.Jab- the workhorse of any fighter's striking arsenal
    2.Straight kicks, particularly with awesome power
    3.Straight rights, again, with awesome power
    4.Roundhouse kicks-pow! kersplatt!
    5.body shots-wind him!
    6.Seoi nage- throwing people over your shoulder rocks.
    7.Tanni otoshi- ha ha! gotcha!
    8.The mount- pound him into oblivion!
    9.the 1-2 combination- simple, but effective.
    10.The back kick- Teasing for when verbally antagonizing your opponent is just not enough.

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