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Apr 8, 2005
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professional cat herder

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Hark, a vagrant!, from Sugbo

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Mar 25, 2021
    1. Mangosteen
      Hey are you still around?
    2. anonymousblackbelt
    3. flaming
    4. NaughtyKnight
      are you still around man?
    5. livingmojo
      Thanks for all your help so far slip! Look forward to seeing how you revamp the body weight circuit for me.
    6. CKava
      Hey slip,

      Just saw your message. I'm still about but just haven't had much time for MAP over the past year. Got very busy with my PhD research and some other life changing things (I'm engaged these days) and a break from MAP ended up lasting indefinitely. I miss the debates and some of the folks here and I'm considering popping back in now and again but I still have a million things to sort out so I don't know if it's wishful thinking.

      How's things going here/with you? I looked at some recent thread and saw some of your acting work, looks very cool I have to say!
    7. seiken steve
      seiken steve
      Hello mate.

      Noticed you haven't been around much. Hope all is well.

      I remember you where supper cut down for a fight so I've got my fingers crossed that your either to engrossed in your prep or celebrating a win too post here.

      Best of luck buddy, hope to hear from you soon
    8. NaughtyKnight
      Mate, they actually made you a mod? hahaha! I love it! I guess that intelligence overides epic flaming :D. Proud of you brother.
    9. planetspa
      Very true.

      I do apologize, I looked back at my behavior yesterday and it was very whiney and ridiculous.

      I made solid points the day I initially posted in that thread and should have left as it were.

      It was quite obvious Mitlov wasn't interested in clearing up any of his past posts and I foolishly took the bait.

      Not to be a childish whiner or a flag waving animal activist, but what happens to those animals deserves some attention.
    10. planetspa
      People modernize their religious activity to keep up with the times, however halal and kosher is still as it were back in the days only with the addition of industrialized farming and slaughter factories adding to the inhumane treatment of these animals.

      I appreciate the second chance, I will behave according to forum rules.
    11. slipthejab
      All fine and well... but if you can't learn how to debate the issue without insulting others then you really haven't got a leg to stand on no matter what your side of the argument is. Again... read the Terms of Service and sort it out accordingly.
    12. planetspa
      It's actually about animal cruelty.
      A cow isn't "food" until it's dead.
      The thread was about a study which showed the current method of halal and kosher showed much higher levels of stress cortisol in animals killed using that method.
      Meaning they suffered significantly more being killed via halal or kosher.
      Did you watch the video?
      Did it not evoke any emotion in you?

      In retrospect, I should have read the forum rules before posting, I accept I was in the wrong for that. However the subject is quite serious from the standpoint that if read correctly by the consumer of halal and kosher products, vast improvements can be made for animals designated for halal and kosher slaughter.
    13. planetspa
      When you have posts such as that written by mitlov stating the current methods of halal and kosher are no more stressful on animals than captive bolt taken seriously, it seriously underminds what that study was trying to accomplish.

      You may not think about cows, pigs or goats to be animals which are capable of feeling and fright like your dog or cat, but they are just as capable, so should studies that try to give them more pleasant deaths not be a bit more respected?
    14. KidKrav
      Figured it was about time I started branching out here...
    15. gareththomasnz
      hey dude email me when you get your stone lock book done - I will buy it for sure.
      check out my book

      I am publishing PDF and also on amazon createspace soon
    16. Paul Scheufler
      Paul Scheufler
      My apologies if I violated any rules. My only intent was to pass along information that I thought could be valuable to another member. Finding a large dojo space at a low price might be of interest to some of the members. Can you suggest a better way to communicate that information?
      Happy New Year
    17. Timmy Boy
      Timmy Boy
      Hi Slip, cheers for your detailed response!

      I'd primarily be looking to train for self defence and maybe compete if my instructor thinks I'm good enough, though to be honest I am 25 now so I'm a bit of a late starter for competition. Although I like weights I'd only be doing them to help with muay thai so if more muay thai is a better option then that's fine by me.
    18. iammartialarts
    19. Timmy Boy
      Timmy Boy
      Hi Slip, how's it going?

      I just wanted to ask your opinion on something, if that's cool:

      I have found a Muay Thai club that trains 5 days a week. The membership package includes gym access. However, the lessons themselves are only one hour long. Is it worth doing if I can only train for one hour at a time? I'm also concerned that I wouldn't be able to do weights if I'm training 5 nights a week in order to get my money's worth.
    20. Yudhajit
      Hi, are you from India? Where from? And what form do you practice? Best wishes!!
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    I maintain a strong faith in cryptozoology and caffeine in all its myriad forms

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