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    1. Pompeythegreat
      WKF,JKA Are two of the main ones, neither one reigns supreme though. Although the WKF is an open style organization while the JKA is solely Shotokan
    2. Mangosteen
      I've lived in HK and loved it.

      I don't like china because its like a crowded delhi, nothing to do with the government.
      Also i have a lot of islander pride.

      To live in bejing would be hell for me.

      I HK, i can walk for 2 minutes and suddenly be in the forest or by the sea at a beach from a dense metropolis.
      I need trees and the outdoors
      HK is a good mix of things and a great place for a foreign teenager to grow up.

      china has nice tourist stuff but i wouldnt want to live there.

      Ronki - i'm quite sure you have some misplaced interest in "the mysterious orient" as most westerns do.

      ( ive provided him links of human origins.

      He doesnt realise that afghanistan invaded india many times in the ancient past.)
    3. sakumeikan
      Dear ronki,
      From you blog you are either not too big or your a girl.Now as far as backing off is concerned thats ok as a tactic.Retreat is not defeat.Why not retreat if your partner mounts a serious attack? Common sense says dont engage in direct confrontation.If you turn your head away or cannot focus clearly on your enemy, you will get hit more often.
      You need to plan a strategy to build on you strong points [maybe you are fast ?]
      and identify you weak points.I would also suggest that you are being intimidated partly by your own mental approach.You dont seem too confident a person.Remember to use these three elements .Where[positioning ] When [Timing ] How [what you are going to attack with].Learn to strike a balance between you and your partner. Yin /Yang /Fire /Water. Blend with the guy and you wont get troubled.Cheers, Joe
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