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Jan 21, 1991 (Age: 33)

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I had no idea about this function.... Jun 4, 2018

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Aug 30, 2020
    1. Demain
      Thanks for the friend add. I appreciate all your help also!
    2. roninmaster
      yo chadderz. i just made a post called caged beauty the truth of MMA. its my final project for art school. can you go and watch the video link, then comment on how you think of it?

    3. Hannibal
      Yeah, Marcus is a decent guy - he is heavily ingto CSW directly under Erik too
    4. fluid
      heres an interesting opinion...your quote from fight club makes the assumption that god has human like characteristics, and given that god is a higher power i beg to disagree.
    5. ALEXSTI
      Hello chadderz, could you send me more info if it is a serious dojo the bujikan edinburgh??could you explain me the terms kata and what is ninjaball?? Also how long did you do ninjutsu??Thank you again..
    6. belltoller
      Seems I've noticed more than a statistacally random number of crossovers JKD-MT. How ya manage the time to do both? Its all I can do to keep up with a single MT class!!
    7. belltoller
      Jeet Kune Do? I always thought you were a Muay Thai enthusiast!
    8. lorenzodamarith


      whutup? consider this to be a drive by greeting.

      so duck and cover amigo....


    9. Mangosteen
      Calm it broseph!
    10. Mangosteen
      25 for 1 class a month? AND a free shirt! Nice!
      how much for all of them except the striking ones?
      Cool i can eat at 7.15 - 8.15.
      I want to start learning some of that weapon stuff!
    11. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Oh, just checked, it's £25 a month! With a one off fee for lifetime membership of £30. It also gets you a t-shirt ^^

      Kickboxing always takes place at 7:15, inbetween two other classes.
    12. Mangosteen
      I think i may join the eskrima class.

      BTW next week i dont have classes for reading week.
      So i may put myself into every MA, except kickboxing and muay thai - i'd rather eat at this time, class they have there (i'll buy a weeks transport pass)
      I was going to go to london to train an roger gracie again but due to needing to fix my house, ill be in scotland.
      so ill be training for the entire next week with you and then every weekend after that.
      i want to get some weapons work in. so ill do that this month, i might drop it next month cos i'll stick with one class.
      35 pound a month better be worth it for one class!
      I'm starting up my uni club this semester too. so it's good to get the extra training.

      I'll only be doing 8 hours a week of grappling.
      sounds quite pathetic. i need to train harder, more frequently and with better people.
    13. Mangosteen
      Dude i need to come to edinburgh and start training with rick young and you guys on weekends.
      i've got hardly anyone to train with thats of a decent level before i hit brasil this summer.
      i wanna be at a good level before then and not just waste the opp. of a life time.
      i've got friends in the US flying miles over me because of the number of BB there.
    14. Mangosteen
      Dude. you watching the glasgow open this saturday?
    15. Mangosteen
      I never met stuart but he left his legacy with everyone i trained with (i moved to uni a couple months after his death and started training at the club he set up).
      definitely someone to take as a role model.
      he taught the kids judo class and the female goshin jutsu class.
      apparently he was pretty well known in the wrestling community here (despite never wrestling) and was one of stirling's sports people of the year.
      all at the age of 38!
    16. Mangosteen
      Rick is supposed to be a great MA teacher.
      His BJJ teaching is stuff of legends.
      Ask him about Stuart McKay. He gave a purple belt to that guy, he passed away but if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be involved in MA.
      One of my friends recently got a blue belt from Rick.

      I'm jelly of you
    17. Mangosteen
      Hey man.
      Where do you train in Scotland?
      Wouldn't happen to be with Rick Young would it?
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    Jan 21, 1991 (Age: 33)
    Martial Arts Style:
    Jeet Kune Do
    Martial Art Studied:
    • Boxing
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    • Filipino Martial Arts
    • Jeet Kune Do
    • Kickboxing
    • MMA
    • Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)


    Pro MMA record 1-0

    Amateur MMA record 6-2-0

    Pro Kickboxing 1-0

    1-0 Muay Thai

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