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    1. Southpaw535
      Not that well, injured my back a few weeks ago at bjj so trainings gone out the window. Stuff running 2 miles uphill though mate :p
    2. Gripfighter
      largato where out of interest ? he seems to be heading up a real push into Scotland for Gracie Barra, one club in Glasgow already and another one on the way apparently.
    3. Master Betty
      Master Betty
      hey, bad company are in Leeds - faaaaar south of you. Theres a fair few decent clubs in scotland but I'm not sure how many are close to stirling. If you drive it certainly wouldn't be too far to get to edinburgh or glasgow where there is plenty of muay thai gyms.
    4. Gripfighter
      plenty places in glasgow, going to give them all the rounds once I can drive, already tried a few that are walking distance from the train station but want to give as many as possible a go before I settle into one. dunno about Stirling though would Edinburgh or Glasgow be possible for you to get to for it ? there's a guy called rick young in Edinburgh supposed to be really good, think he may even be a black belt, there are probably allot more in Edinburgh but I know more about the Glasgow clubs.
    5. Gripfighter
      lol isn't everywhere in the world really into TKD, Im from motherwell so there are probably a fair bit more MA places to train around here.
    6. deathmetal
      ps im going to do AS levels thats if i do good
    7. deathmetal
      well thanks for your advice i did boxing before
    8. Sum Gai
    9. Done-Gone
      You're welcome. Try to learn what fits for your own body type.

      Tall, big and strong - go with O Soto Gari, Koshi Guruma, Harai Goshi, Uchi Mata, etc.

      Short, small and speedy - go with Ippon & Morote Seonage, O Goshi, Tai O Toshi, Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi, etc.

      Not all techniques are good for everybody. Find what works for you and use it til you wear it out or until you find something that works better. Good Luck
    10. InHumanForm
      thanks alot!!! :)
    11. jazzysingh
      Chapletown Gudwara - Saturdays 6.30 to 8.30pm - Ask for Bal.
    12. adouglasmhor
      Peckhams in Glassford street, there is also a dojo in Govanhill and one in Paisley.
    13. jazzysingh
      Sat Sri Akal

      hope your well. thanks for the message...

      the one i know of is the once u mentioned in chapletown.

      A friend of mine took me there a few years back.

      I actually still kept in touch with the teacher, so I could contact him for you.

      I will see if it is ok to pass on his number...

      There is also a gudwara in huddersfield too (if that isnt too far)

      let me know and i can try find out as much as i can for u
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