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    1. lorenzodamarith

      zaad, your picture is excellent as is the motto "cookies are power".


    2. JamesR
      Boxing + Japanese Ju Jitsu :)

      GREAT combination! Covers pretty much everything you could name. Judo Throws, BJJ type groudwork, Aikido locks, weapons defence / using, defence from all sorts of weapons, randori type sparring and BJJ "Rolling", padwork and all sorts more :)

      Mixed with Boxing (need that for when drunk lol) - It's a fantastic combo :)
    3. JamesR
      "You'll fit well into this forum."

      Was that sarcastic? I am guessing not but can't tell haha
    4. dormindo
      Senzala is very legit and a well respected capoeira regional/contemporanea group. Only thing is, you'll have to ask and see if they would want to teach an 'only takedowns' type of workshop, as most of the mestres I know in capoeira angola would teach a capoeira workshop that included takedowns, but wouldn't teach takedowns only. Good luck.


    5. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
    6. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Oh, just checked, it's £25 a month! With a one off fee for lifetime membership of £30. It also gets you a t-shirt ^^

      Kickboxing always takes place at 7:15, inbetween two other classes
    7. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Awesome dude! We only have one class that has any grappling in it. It's the MMA class. It starts at 10 o' clock in the morning. One class a week costs £35 I THINK, but I'm not positive. You should definitely come man!
    8. Mangosteen
      two of my friends is entering so i'm ringsiding for him.
      i think one of them actually has a chance at winning his division. the other is pretty much cannon fodder. he knows it but said he just wants the experience.
      Come along man!
      we can meet up!
    9. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      I was thinking about going man, just wondering how much the tickets are at the door really. How about you?
    10. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Hey man, I asked him about your friend, he said lovely things about him, and it was such a loss to everyone. It's nice how martial arts brings people together, right? (:
    11. Aegis
      You'd need to get in touch with one of the higher ups to deal with that sort of question, I'm afraid! I assume you need to have a valid license to enter the competitions, and you would need to have an instructor to get any tuition at the university.

      The competitions aren't open to all comers, or at least they weren't when I trained in the Foundation. The majority of the categories are set up by current Foundation grade, with the Open competition available to dan grades and anyone else who might be able to survive doing their own category plus the one with the dan grades.
    12. Aegis
      Hi Zaad

      There's a Foundation club in Edinburgh, I believe, you might want to get in touch with their instructor to see what they can offer you.

      Otherwise there's quite a lot of technique similarity between the Jitsu Foundation and Judo, though the applications of those techniques tend to be different. Judo is an excellent art, though, so don't feel too disadvantaged if you have to train in that for a while instead.

      Hope that helps!
    13. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Haha, thank you man! Yeah, his BJJ is amazing, you should see all the medals on the walls!

      And I will ask him!
    14. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Yeah man! It's in my sig ^^
    15. slideyfoot
      Hi Zaad,

      Sorry, didn't notice this until just now: I don't check MAP that often. So, this is a bit late, but I'd suggest you do the free intro class and then decide. If you want to do drop-ins, it is very expensive (£20 last I heard). When I started back in 2006, it was £90 a month: I was also only training two days a week.

      If you want to chat about it more, best place to get hold of me is by email, here.
    16. Mangosteen
      Phail post myself
    17. Southpaw535
      I assumed you're American?
    18. Southpaw535
      Sorry forgot you lot have wierd schools :p
      We finish high school at 16 and do years 12 and 13 at college
    19. Southpaw535
      No just finished college
    20. Southpaw535
      It does sound like a good, tough workout.
      Knees have got to be one of the worst things to injure. What is it you do?
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