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    1. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      The Aberdeen University All-Round Fighters. Any reason you guys are looking at October rather than September?
    2. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      So I got an email saying you guys are hosting a grappling tourney in September. ;)

      You competing?
    3. finite monkey
      finite monkey
      Well I iced him, then I ate him...Mua, ha ha ha
    4. finite monkey
    5. roninmaster
      yo Zaad, i just made a post called Caged beauty- the truth of MMA. its my final project for art school. can you go watch it and tell me what you think of it.
    6. Pkhamidar2com
      If you still feel up to it, please do read my PM.
    7. Sketco
      It's a guy named Mickey Chan. I'm not sure where his school is located. All I know is he's a businessman in HK and my si-hing was able to find him when he went to HK.
    8. malcolmk
    9. Mushroom
      I shall make some enquiries. I was free, but now stuck at some work (joys of being on constant standby). Maybe do a thread?
    10. Sketco
      If you can find a guy by the name of Mickey Chan in HK he is my Sifu's si dai (younger kung fu brother).
    11. Bigmikey
      Yeah, I've been literally SWAMPED between work, and taking care of my wife now that she's laid up, the kid, the dog, class... though I think I should have some time again once the holidays have passed. At least thats the plan anyway... whats that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men? :D
    12. Microlamia
    13. Oddsbodskins
      Cool mate, give me a shout when you're coming down.
    14. Oddsbodskins
      Hey mate went to try that FMA place on London, first impressions are that it's quite a wee club, with a fair few beginners, but the coaches know what they're on about. Runs on mondays and thursdays near to Kings Cross. Waiting to hear from my Edinburgh coach about another rapid arnis club somewhere in south London, planning on checking that out when I can.
    15. Oddsbodskins
      Yeah that's the one, although I don't know the guy myself. I don't know Jun Pueblos, I'd been training with a bloke called Scott Marshall in Edinburgh for about 6/7 months before I moved, first experience in FMA but would recommend the guy, nice bloke and nice classes, friendly informal atmosphere, and does seem to know his stuff. Is Edin a practicality for you to travel to or is it too out of the way?
    16. Oddsbodskins
      Sounds good! FMA wise I'm looking to stay with Rapid Arnis, they've got a couple instructors in London, am just just to find out class times etc. Well, I know class times, but trying to get them on the phone before I pop down. I'll let you know once I find it!
    17. Oddsbodskins
      Cheers mate, I'll try and check it out, been looking at getting back to FMA for starters, and MT once I start getting paid, but been meaning to add some more grappling for a while (Got a little dumog and some clinchwork from the MT but that's about it). Ta for recommendation, it's good to get an idea of where to try from someone who knows a little more about rolling.
    18. Microlamia
      LOL I already eat all the time!
    19. Microlamia
      Oh, you would hate me. I'm about 14-15% fat...
    20. Microlamia
      Yep. I'm naturally lean, but all the lifting carved the fat right off me.
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