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Aug 23, 2017
Aug 4, 2010
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slightly left of sane
Sr. Technical Writer

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Internet Pacifist., from slightly left of sane

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Aug 23, 2017
    1. Rataca100
      Im the better meathead, my arms keep growing irrelevant of what i eat or my amount of exercise. :P
    2. warriorofanart
      Mikey! Would love to have you back man!
    3. finite monkey
      finite monkey
    4. CrowZer0
      Mikey were art thou? Everything good?
    5. Blade96
      hi resident meathead :p
    6. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      it works!

      *dances naked*
    7. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      still not loading over here :(
    8. Bigmikey
      No. Not for me - atleast not as of a few moments ago. Lemme go check.
    9. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      not being able to access iron nation. is it down?
    10. 6footgeek
      Last one =P

      a Sardar *traditional landlord/village boss* was giving an english medium exam, when he suddenly got up, took of his pants and resumed his paper.

      The invigilator ran over to him and demanded why he had removed his pants?

      The sardar replied 'Because in question 3 it says please answer in brief!'
    11. 6footgeek
      President Asif Ali Zardari, President Obama and Ghandhi are holding talks on a plane. President Zardari offers to show them an example of boundless pakistani talent by identifying what county they were flying over without looking outside.

      He blindfolds himself and sticks his hand out of the door *O.O i know =P*

      'We are Over America!' he says

      'How do you know?' P obama asks.

      'I felt the Lady liberty!' P zardari replies.

      a few mins later he announces 'we are over India!'

      Gandhi asks, 'How do you know?'

      'I felt the Taj mahal!" P zardari says.

      few moments later. PZ announces

      'We are over PAKISTAN!'

      'How? did you feel the tower of pakistan *Minar-e-Pakistan*' the other two asked.

      'Nope.... my watch got stolen' came P zardari's reply.
    12. 6footgeek
      A man standing at a long line to File a complaint against the electric company because his area has no power for three days.
      'You knjow what, I'm going to kill The president for screwing our country so much'
      and he walks away.

      few hours later he comes back and rejoins the line. some one asks him whether he managed to kill the president. he replies.

      'Nope. never going to get a chance. that line is a lot bigger than this one'
    13. iron_ox
      We are now located at 1838 west Belmont. Two blocks west of last location! No phone there yet. So hopefully you see this!
    14. SuperSanity
      Not a problem man. I could have been clearer. :)
    15. KAMAU
      hey big mickey, aint seen you bouncing round the boards in a while! hows the HKD going?
    16. finite monkey
      finite monkey
      quid pro quo Bigmikey, quid pro quo
    17. Mangosteen
      hey man. havent seen you on MAP in a while
    18. Kwajman
      Will do Mike, you've been a great addition to MAP.
    19. Kwajman
      Thanks Mike, i'm trying to change my life around by not worrying about things I can't influence. Might as well start with a biggy.

    20. Seventh
      Bigmikey - The physical embodiment of bad ass

      - Passage 47 of Book of Bad ass
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    Home Page:
    slightly left of sane
    Sr. Technical Writer
    Martial Arts Style:
    Hapkido... with Shotokan on the horizon...
    Martial Art Studied:
    • Hapkido
    • Tae Kwon Do
    43, married, 16 year old Daughter that drives me to drink some days, lol. An ex-BBer looking for "more" ...

    I like to read, and build models: cars and military stuff primarily. I also spend a far deal of time lifting... and eating. LOTS of time eating... I also, as of late, have become a huge country music fan. I have no explanation.


    I have flying monkeys and I'm NOT afraid to use them!

    Hapkido - grab me anywhere to start free demo.

    Check out my lifting forum: and follow it on Facebook!