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Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student, from La Mesa, Ca

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Tournament time! Yay! Feb 28, 2023

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Aug 2, 2023
    1. aaradia
      Tournament time! Yay!
    2. aaradia
      Really 2020? You gotta take Eddie Van Halen from us? RIP Eddie Van Halen.
    3. aaradia
      "Honest criticism from those we respect is a resource for personal development." - Tai Sifu Donald Tittle
    4. aaradia
      Funky Poon Kiu!
    5. aaradia
      Knocking the rust of my TCC, starting to feel like a real TCC student again. :-)
    6. Morik
      Vader in a Santa hat is great.
    7. aaradia
      Double Fan TCC seminar part 1 was awesome! It is as great as I thought it would be, and my expectations were high. :-)
    8. flaming
      Sorry Aaradia and any other people I may have offended.
    9. belltoller
      Thanks for the info, Aaradia. Bogan Park in in Buford, which used to be accessible before they began widening Buford Hwy (which I live near) and putting in the bridge - now we canna even think about going to the grocery that's a couple of miles up the road going that way.

      Insane, just insane.

      Gainesville might be doable only if the western tip of it.

      I'll check into the places mentioned (except for Liu, as noted ;) )

      Thanks much!
    10. belltoller
      Thanks! Yes, any input he might have would be very appreciated! BTW, Kennesaw is part of Metro Atlanta, though it lies outside the city limit of Atlanta proper.

      Its all one congested bowl of spaghetti noodles as far as getting from point A to B.
    11. belltoller
      There are several schools of interest in that area, including a Gracie Barra BJJ school. Unfortunately the congestion on the metro Atlanta roads is such that it would take the same amount of time to drive to the neighbouring state of Alabama than to go to Cobb County (Marietta, Kennesaw) from here.

      Had to abandon my boxing school due to the horrid rush hour and the school was only 15 - 18 miles from here.

      Thanks. ( I live in Cumming, BTW, so if you happen to hear...)
    12. Master E
      Master E
      thank's for treating me kindly on the message forum
    13. belltoller
      Sounds like it went very well. Never been to Ok but it couldn't be any more humid than North Georgia right now. Ugh, how I hate it.

      I remember San Diego well, I loved it when I visited 20 - 30 yrs ago. Solana Bch, Blacks Bch, Coronado Isl. Best weather in the world. I'll never forget it.

      Water was much colder than I'd expected, however.
    14. aaradia
      Oh, and I forgot to mention, I saw fireflies!!!! Always wanted to see real fireflies after being a kid and seeing the fake Disneyland ones. They came out in the evening right in that wooded area by my brothers backyard (in the picture). Awesome! Never got tired of watching them!
    15. aaradia
      Actually, extremely well! It was like no time had passed. Everyone got along well (siblings, in-laws, one child), no uncomfortable gaps in conversation. Smooth as could be. Had us all wondering how we let all that time lapse. Hopefully, we will all be better at staying in touch. That picture in my avatar is my brothers back yard. My niece decided to spontaneously join in on my TCC practice. Tulsa is very beautful, but extremely humid. I am truly spoiled by San Diego weather. Although I certainly pay for it with the cost of living here. Thanks for asking.
    16. belltoller
      So how did the meeting with long, lost bro go?
    17. belltoller
      After 15 years, conversations can hit a lull ( I went 22 or so with my father ) maybe you could watch it together on the tely in the advent. ( Have it as a back-up ;) )

      Safe trip!
    18. belltoller
      Don't forget: Fight Night 41 from Germany is this weekend, lol.

      Mark Munoz vs Gregard Mousasi headline.

      - Your Friendly UFC Fight Schedule Reminder
    19. Grass hopper
      Grass hopper
      I ended up in a kajukenbo/mma place near where I live, so far I really like it! Thanks for asking :)
    20. belltoller
      Your posts are some of the best! lol
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