What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Discussion in 'Music' started by YODA, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Charlie Parker - The Best Of
    legendary jazz saxman...The Bird. Love listening to old school jazz when I want to relax and let my mind wander.
  2. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    80's New Wave - Various Artists
    Cruel Summer(Banannaramma) Der Kammessar(ATF) Reap the wild wind(Ultravox) World's away(Strange Advance) Dress you up in my love(Madonna) 99 red balloons(Nena) Welcome to the pleasuredome(Frankie goes to Hollywood) Voices carry(Till Tuesday) Doctor, Doctor(Thompson Twins) Lips like sugar(Echo and the bunnymen) Driver's seat(Sniff-n-the tears) Cities in dust(siouxsee and the banshees) Dead mans party(Oingo Boingo) Destination unknown(Missing Persons)
  3. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Nicholas Payton - Into The Blue
    Great Jazz Cd by trumpeter Payton. Cool mix of modern smooth and old school Jazz. 5 Stars.
  4. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    80's New Wave Vol II - various Artists
    Major Tom(Coming Home)(Peter Schilling) Talk Talk(Talk Talk) Mexican Radio(Wall of voodoo) Harden my heart(Quarterflash) Only a Lad(Oingo Boingo) I melt with you(Modern English) The beat goes on/switchin' to glide(The Kings) Two tribes(Frankie goes to Hollywood) Eyes without a face(Billy Idol) Mission of Mercy(The Motels) Angel(Madonna) Safety Dance(men without Hats) Miss me blind(Culture Club) One of our submarines(Thomas Dolby) Girl in trouble(Romeo Void) Send me an angel(Real eyes) Promises, promises(Naked Eyes) Saucalito Summer nights(Diesel)
  5. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Pearl Jam - VS
    Wasn't a huge PJ fan but I liked them enough to buy a couple CD's. Haven't listened to this in a while...really sounded good. Go, Daughter, dissident, rearview mirror, indifference.
  6. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Pet Shop Boys - The Complete Singles Collection
    80"s Dance club music. Like 'em or not, these guys had a lot of hits. West end girls, Domino Dancing, What have I done to deserve this, Love comes Quickly.
  7. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    80's New Wave Vol. III - Various Artists
    It's my life(Talk Talk) Just another day(Oingo Boingo) Who can it be now(Men at work) ...And we danced(The Hooters) I just died in your arms(Cutting crew) Hello again(The Cars) Small town boy(Bronski beat) A million miles away( The Plimb souls) Eyes of a stranger(The Payola's) Pop music(M) Art in America(Art in America) I wanna be a cowboy(Boys don't cry) 867-5309 Jenny(Tommy Tutone) Things can only get better(Howard Jones)
  8. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu Supporter

    The one, by Metallica :D great tracks for lifting to.

  9. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    being in cubicle land..... other peoples phone conversations..... and with that...I am leaving to get lunch so I do not have to hear it
  10. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    I need some pick-me-up music while I'm writing something, so I thought -- this being the Olympics -- "Chariots of Fire" !!!! And then I thought, dude, don't stop there. Go all the way. Do all of Vangelis!

  11. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    80's new wave Vol. IV - Various Artists
    Who's behind the door(Zebra) China(Red Rockers) To live and die in L.A.(Wang Chung) Static on the radio(Planet P) Whisper to a scream(Icicle Works) No Promises(Icehouse) Too Shy(Kajagoogoo) Walls came down(The Call) Why me?(Planet P) The break-up song(Greg Kihn Band) Rock me Amadeus(Falco) Turning Japanese(The Vapors) Everybody's Gotta learn sometime(The Korgies) Our lips are sealed(The Go-Go's)

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