What Are The Shocking MMA Injuries Of All The Time

Discussion in 'Beginning Martial Arts' started by AmandaSimon, Dec 16, 2016.

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    I'm beginners to this field. I don't know much about it. Can anyone tell me what MMA injuries are dangerous in the fight.
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    Not sure I understand what you're getting at, exactly? The most common training injuries are minor cuts, in my experience, the worst one that's relatively common is probably knee ligament damage. In a fight it's probably cuts and bruises, hand injuries and then concussion.
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    Move aside folks, let me handle this one.

    Hello Amanda. Why are you asking? Do you have a son that is practising MMA or a similar sport?

    There is a lot of risk in MMA. Obviously you don't want injury in parts of your body that has a hard time healing, the big one for MMA would be ankle, and the unhappy triad. You wanna google unhappy triad. Also, neckcranks are bad. They can last for a year, you will need to spend money on treatments. Then you have the famous califlower ear that messes up your looks. Another one that is a bit less obvious, but has a hard time healing is proplapse in your lower spine.

    So to give you some examples. You can be grappling without ear muffs, then have to fight your way out of a choke and get your ear completely busted on your way out. This is very common. You can tap out late from an ankle lock, or your opponent rushes the lock and breaks your foot off because he is reaping the leg to hard and doesn't know what he is doing. A guy can accidentally break your arm with omoplata, because you entangled the arm with your legs, and the legs are stronger than if you had entangled the arm using your arms like in a kimura. You can actually crank your neck just from resisting a sprawl if you get into a bad enough position. If you don't know how to tell if somebody is choked out, you may hold the choke for to long, accidentally killing them. People can actually be out cold, while breathing and having their eyes open, because you just shut off the blood flow to the brain using a rear naked or triangle choke. You can be tossed sideways, landing with bad form and blow out a disk in your back, that will pinch on one of your nerves and put your through hell for a year.

    These are less obvious, but can easily occur if you're not aware of them. It is true that concussion and cuts happen if you spar to hard, everybody knows that. I think that what sets a true master apart from everybody else is that he knows the small details, the devil is in the details, there have been plenty of matches where the fighter was choked for way to long because the ring judge didn't know how to properly do his job.

    I see you're running a blog, if you want you can interview me, I am a gold belt in the noble art of Neo-Bokator. It is very similar to MMA.
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    Does OP write for Buzzfeed or something?

    Shocking injuries are rare. Leg breaks from checking (blocking) kicks is pretty shocking to watch. There have been one or two people who have been paralysed from their opponent getting a standing guillotine and jumping into guard.
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    I haven't done MMA, but I've done judo and karate. I've been injured more in dance and gymnastics than I ever have in my particular arts. Find a good coach and I'm pretty sure you'll be okay.

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