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Discussion in 'Aikido' started by TheLastDancer, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Dunc

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    Not sure I agree, surely the art is a combination of a curriculum and training methods?
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    id agree to that, the point still stands however.
  3. David Harrison

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    Perhaps weapons and/or armour may be a consideration in some of those pins?

    Anyway, on the subject of what makes a martial art, I thought I might as well post this I saw yesterday: Stephan Kesting's interpretation of Dan Inosanto's trinity of martial arts:
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    yeah it's probably a lot harder to draw weapons when you're lying on your front.
  5. Dunc

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    Yes this plays a big part in TJMA pins

    Predominantly pins were used to hold someone down in a way that:
    1 Prevents them from using their weapons on you (remember that historically they carried a few). Typically this means face down, and
    2 Gives you enough time to either draw your own weapon or to cause sufficient injury to stay safe. Typically TJMA forms end with drawing a weapon, a kick/strike or crank after a pin

    Another important consideration was to retain freedom of movement, which creates a trade off in terms of how firmly you can secure someone down

    So the objective is not really to hold someone in place until help arrives

    Of course chokes are used liberally in TJMA too, but I'm separating these from pins for the sake of this discussion
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  6. Dunc

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    Nice - thanks

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