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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Pretty In Pink, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Fixed that for you.

    It's sad that damage to a promoter's card seems to cause more concern than damage to the life expectancy and quality of life of the fighters themselves.
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    what would you suggest we do to lesson TBIs?

    I think the SAFE MMA campaign in irelland and the Uk is doing good work on the domestic scene .
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    You know full well that's not what I'm getting at.
    I'm using the rate fighters pull out of cards as a proxy for how many injuries there are overall. I gave up caring about fighters pulling out of fights years ago.
    And in MMA there are a LOT of injuries.

    And quite honestly I'm on the verge of going off MMA entirely due to the TBI issues. Cain's drubbing of JDS was a bit of a turning point for me in that regard. As was Lawler v Rory. I still ask myself..."Is this something I should enjoy watching?" and I've not quite reconciled that fully.
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    Not having followed injuries too closely recently admittedly, I don't get the impression injuries that often are a result of actual combative injuries. I'd bet a number are people being stupid with S&C routines with all the new fangled stuff I see fighters doing. That and injury pullouts have become a norm and I feel its opened the doors to people pulling out of fights for injuries they once would fight with. And in my very limited experience knee injuries seem to come principally from grappling and wrestling, not strikes.

    That said, AKA are the worst for pull outs and do notoriously spar full power so I could well be wrong.

    I'm mildly lost on the brain injury discussion though. Its a combat sport, brain injury is a natural part of that. Its not a good thing but it also seems a moot discussion since the only solution is effectively banning mma.
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    Brian injuries aside... :p

    I think your logic is sound. Banning oblique kicks would be the start of a slippery slope.

    If you don't enjoy watching people harm each other for money (as I don't - it's all a bit too end-of-Rome for my tastes), then don't watch MMA. It's all we can do as consumers.

    The training is part of the game too. Should training routines be regulated to prevent injury? I'm not sure they can be really, just like you can't guarantee that military recruits won't die in training. The fighters are going into a dangerous event of their own free will, so it's not like they are victims of ignorance here.
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    Whoops :p

    That's where I'm at with it. I think there's levels, like I don't agree with bringing knees or kicks to grounded opponents back, but at the end of the day there's always going to be a level of injury and watching people hurt each other. That's contact sports. I've watched finishes where I've felt I didn't enjoy it as I'm sure anyone who's watched a late finish has. But its part of the game and especially at the UFC level its an accepted risk of taking this is a career.

    This I'm less sure on. Regulated...maybe not. But everyone's always after the latest gimmick to gain an edge and there are some silly practices out there. I do think fighters need to train smarter. This is pure speculation on my part but there also seems to have been more weight cut losses. I wonder how many pullouts close to fight day for injuries we're seeing are people realising they can't make weight.

    This is also just a conspiracy theory, but the rise of injuries and missing weight do seem to coincide with the stronger drug testing. It's also coincided with some more professionalisation of the sport and the injury pull out wall being broken down and becoming a norm so maybe there's no link at all there but I can't help but wonder.
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    The TBI issues is partially/incompletly dealt with by strict no contact suspensions ofter KO's and also a one off brain scan to ID any undiagnoised issues,

    SAFE MMA have started doing this, and its a really good start to clearing up the domestic scene.


    "Safe MMA addresses the issue of competitor safety*practically and in the simplest way possible, with its system of*standardised and voluntary, fighter medical clearance. A SafeMMA passport to compete includes:

    A yearly medicalSix-monthly blood testsPre and post fight medicalsConfidential database for competitors’ well-being and current medical statusMember promotions only using athletes found within the registered databaseListed promotions upholding medically advised suspensionsAffordable cost: Not-for-Profit medically led project with specially negotiated blood test rates.Access to sports based medical advice that fighters can trust"
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