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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Latikos, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Can you explain the lock?
  2. Latikos

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    Pff, you ask questions :oops::D

    I can try. It will sound a bit ... let's say clumsy and awkward :D
    I can also try to make a video this week, when I am with a trainings partner; we wanted to do that anyway, to remember the stuff from the seminar.

    It's a lock that works through... twisting?
    (I will explain it for one side, so I can use "left" and "right", but it works in both directions; we tried ;) )

    You have your partner in guard.
    We worked with a grip to the lapel.
    Use some sort of shock, so the partner has a reason to loosen the grip.
    Also shrimp out to your right.

    Now you use your left hand to grip the partners left hand; getting there in the "short way", in front of your face/ above ukes arms. Not below them.

    Now you turn Ukes hand to the outside/ the right direction, until the palm of his hand faces as far up as possible.

    Now to what your right hand does: Pretty much at the same time, this hand goes below Ukes left arm and comes up in between both his arms, giving a blow to the cubital joint (can you say elbow joint?) so that the arm is not only twisted a bit but also bent.

    Next (wooh, didn't use "now" again) comes the part, I struggle with to make it a bit more flowing, because here it starts hurting and the arm starts to get set under constant strain: You have Ukes left hand in your own left hand and need to put this (Ukes) hand in your right hand; for this, his hand gets most likely twisted a little more, so be careful please. You probably need to turn your own right hand a bit to get a grip on Ukes hand.
    If done right (or to be more precise: When *I* do it, it hurts uke here quite a bit; so I hope it *is* right ;) ) Uke should be having pain and the lock should be "in".

    Now it's not allowed to get lose a moment. Obviously you want to get into another position. Uke is in the lock and therefore probably moving a bit to flee the pain a little.
    Since you have shrimped to your own right, you can use your left leg/ foot to push away Ukes right leg, making him a bit more unstable.

    This gives you the opportunity to move him a bit and get free: You will make him move to your left (his right). You do this by kicking away his leg and, more important, by using the lock, as you can "steer"/ control him with that a bit.

    This leads to Uke lying on his stomach, his arm still being in the lock: The wrist is in roughly 90° as well as the elbow.
    From there do what you like: Control, punch, ...

    It's probably not the best explanation, I'm sorry for that.
    I will also see if I can make the video and getting my partners "okay" for putting it online on "private" youtube, so it can be accessed with a direct link.
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    I read it. I appreciate the effort.

    Can't say it sounds too viable, but it is hard to picture. It sounds like it would be easy to defend and I can't quite grasp how you are maintaining control mechanically. Video would be far better!

    Is this something you made up or something you were taught?
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    Obviously didn't help :D

    I agree, that I think it heavily depends on actually breaking the arm.
    For me at least the moment, when you have to "hand over" Ukes hand is a bit complicated.

    Probably not, but I can try anyway.

    Taught on a seminar two Saturdays ago.
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    So, since life really sucks at the moment and is driving me crazy, bordering nervous breakdown, I wasn't training much last week.
    Geeesh, I need to get out of here a bit.

    I was training last Monday, but there wasn't much worth mentioning.

    Same goes for Tuesday.
    Grading stuff, but I mainly sat and watched after warm-up.
    Warm-up was fun though.

    Wednesday off.

    Thursday, sort of off.
    We had an appointment at a bank, to get our new bank cards for the "job".
    Took around 90 minutes.
    Only time left to drag myself to the JJ-kids, during which I made ukemi and De-Ashi-Barai with them.
    Skipped my own training and drove home.
    Went to bed at 21:02h and woke up at 15:37h.
    In case, I didn't mentioned it: Life blows.

    Friday, off

    Saturday, seminar got cancelled
    Was to be expected, as I was actually looking forward to that.
    The good thing: Given my momentary situation, I lived with it.

    Sunday, cold in sick for this seminar.
    A first timer.
    Hate my life.

    The usual, but with 18 kids; and a fair number of kids (6 without thinking too much) wasn't even there.

    Warm-up, Ukemi, De-Ashi-Barai.
    I need to skip Ukemi next time, as I don't get further with the throw otherwise.

    My own training:
    We got shown ten locks and it was our job to find techniques for it to work.

    I had the other kids coach as a partner, which really is wasting time.
    Funny to see though, how a BB that phantasizes about doing second dan, needs force to try make things work - in an totally cooperative environment.
    I am far away from being perfect, but this gets ridiculous at times; and is not a reason, that makes you looking forward to training.

    Grading preparation:
    Locks - check.
    Chokes - check.
    Throws - I need to work on them a little, so I remember which comes when ;) Luckily I only get thrown.
    We took a look at the weapons (only six techniques) and the competition stuff (only three).
    And the above, obviously.

    My teacher also showed me another way to get into Sankaku-Jime, which I really like and hopefully can play with tomorrow.

    BUT - I managed to make the video about the lock, I tried to explain.
    It probably is rather bad, as I don't manage to concentrate as well as I usually can.
    Also we will pretend that I actually used "th" in "s" in moments it came up (I felt like curling together on the ground, when I heard that); and other obvious mistakes, I made language-wise.
    I noticed a few when I watched once, and am really sorry about that!
    But hopefully you get an idea of the technique with it.
    In case it ever finishes uploading....

    Let me know, in case it doesn't work.
    It's only the second time I uploaded a video and I am not at all familiar with it.

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